Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Carrier Queen

 Funny how a trickling heart
stays with you from your teens.
That first influx, that bated breath
and endless 'where's he been's?'

Following his chosen path,
a corridor that you..
Have no need to be walking down,
or simply passing through.

How those eyes drew girls alike,
that thick fair hair that shone.
So aware that deep inside,
beat unison forlorn.

Today he sat beside her, 
not through choice but on command.
Her food it stuck on it's way down,
as his pinky brushed her hand.

She kept admiring from afar, 
feeling quite inept.
A prince to silent pauper,
in her lacey head she kept.

One day she plucked the courage,
asked a friend to plea her case.
He answered 'never in a million years",
laughing in her face.

Her friend delivered his reply,
a heart so wrenched it splits.
And without so much, as a mere touch,
cut her into little bits.

Soon parading round the school,
arm round another's waist.
Brains over beauty, rightly wrong
puts vermin in it's place.

Unrequited, feelings drowned,
into the pool of hurt.
No point in trying to keep afloat,
something that life reverts.

30 years along the line
they met up quite by chance.
Was not so much as a mere touch,
but an evening of askance.

This heart he once had broken, 
beat a multitude of class.
Unable to believe his eyes,
kept topping up his glass.

This shy and hardy woman, 
now a mother and a wife.
Encumbered all his adds and thoughts,
his exilir of life.

Now he sought out his shadow,
with her interests alike.
A voice with words that flowed away
onboard a satellite. 

And when he plucked the courage, 
through the why's, the when's, the woe's.
Without so much, as a mere touch
she clicked her first hello.


Stafford Ray said...

'Encumbered all his adds and thoughts,
his exilir of life'.
Did you mean 'encumbered' as in dragged down or overloaded or did you mean 'embodied' or 'included'?
(Seems to not quite fit the story in this very well crafted poem).

Lena said...

What I'm trying to say is that his cruel words and actions carried with her a long time, marring her confidence, dragging her down so, yes - spot on in that respect, whereas (as he was a *proper writer) he had a constant thirst for words and knew exactly (unlike me) how to use them.

* wrote for the local rag

Lena said...

.....I shall now go stand in the corner of the room.......(ten minutes okay..?)

Anonymous said...

A powerful poem. The troubles of young love shine through clear even after so many years. The division betwixt then ad now is very affective. I enjoyed it.
The Lonely Recluse

Jingle said...

super message.
clciked her first hello,
he plucked the courage...

love those verbs in your lines..
well done.

Berry said...

the rhyming helps add to the young voice, and it's interesting to watch the wisdom develop throughout the piece. this was not written quickly, but very carefully. great job.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'm so moved.

Lolamouse said...

Really enjoyed reading this one. Great story in your poem. Loved the words you chose "trickling heart" "plucked the courage" "heart so wrenched it splits," etc. Great job!