Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Snippet (25)

GingerNut brought me back a nice little surprise yesterday. One of those ambi-pure plug-in air freshener things, called 'Open Window'. With Fairley's farm located a mere 3 miles downwind from our town, I can't see it being much of a selling point.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

                                  Haiku Challenge

                                                       Just a wisp away
                                            Charcoaled by a beating heart  
                                         Pocketed desire

    Sorry for not contributing much this week.  My twin sister (yes, I'll add pics later!) and my niece are up from London and I'm trying to pack in as much adolescent nonsense as is required before they need to return.  We haven't embarrassed or mortified the kids too much so far!  I have managed a little Haiku as I've been uploading a video. Catch you all soon! Normal Lena service will be resumed by the week end .....!                          

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Poets Rally # 38 - THEM DAMN SHOES...!!

Thank you for the invite. Here are the answers to the questions asked before my very first entry. I do hope I'm getting this right....!!  Looking forward to the other entries!

1 - Yes.    2 - Yes.    3 - Yes.    4 - Yes    5 - Yes.    6 - Yes.  7 - Yes.

I've written a piece about we women and our supposed 'obsession' with shoes. I'm sure it'll help men understand what it's all about:

                               Them Damned Shoes        

Huge heels, buckled tight, squashed digits, micro light.
Skinny styles with taper tips, biting on your bottom lip.
Glarey reds, electric blue, matching clutch bag - earrings too!
Running shoes with miles of lacing, throbbing hot with raw abrasions.

Ankle straps, kitten heels, not as comfy as they feel.
Platform soles and knocking knees, twisted ankle guaranteed!
The leather look is really plastic, held on with some loose elastic.
Slinging back and cutting in, can't feel where your toes begin!

Trusting shoes with built-in calk? Still impossible to walk.
Pumps which state that you're quite hep, come flying off with your next step!
Pretty canvas, jelly beans, fray away your boot-kick jeans.
Seasoned shoes all bold and clumpy, hell for leather, getting grumpy

Cool espadrilles in the breeze, leave lace marks right up to the knees!
Going retro with some Kickers, further back for winklepickers!
Loads of girls with pretty faces, wear Uggly boots to many places.
Thigh high boots for kinky nights, make sure they are tad too tight.

Peep toes for the well-to-do's. Valentino - Jimmy Choo's?
Wellingtons for muddy fans, get as mucky as you can!
 Blisters, corns, skin that's chaffing, now who is the one that's laughing?
Weeping sores and toes all crushed, buff that suede up with a brush!

Out we go, to shop again, for our misery and pain.
But girls alone, we always choose -  put up with everything for shoes!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Snippet (24)

I was having a check up at the dentist on Friday and as on most waiting room walls, there was a note on the board saying how 38 people didn't show up for their appointments that week, and the importance of cancelling. Now, here's me sitting 32 minutes after my appointment time - as were many. I couldn't help but wonder, if all the patients had kept their appointments just what buggering time would I have seen the dentist.? Answer me that one!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The I-ski-ng On The Make(shift!)...!

With Wii Fits about, a no claims bonus will become a thing of the unfitting past! Poor wee Fido.....!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sidebar Saturdays Stop

My head bulb illuminated (being extra careful not to catch hold of the dried straw mop on top) today to the strength of 40watts, and I gave this idea a bit of an airing.  One can only try, can't one...?

One of my regular reads is a lovely young student (whose link I'll leave at the bottom of this post) called Sam. I was first attracted to her blog because of  its layout. It was zappy and happy, with the odd word increased in size, font changed and /or coloured. It was a bonus to discover that her manner and writing flowed creatively and honestly, and her sense of humour tickled me.

A few posts ago, she mentioned that not enough time is spent perusing each others' sidebars  - and that is often the case with popular poetry and literacy groups and challenges, where a lot of reading and commenting goes on - and that's a shame. Both of us agreed that by simply taking in sidebar surroundings, this contributes to defining one's character traits. Often there's more mannerisms and little quirks you share than you'd imagine. Songs, pictures, certain application, headers, video clips ect. Sometimes, it's okay to judge a book by its cover. Of course, there is always Blogger profile 'films, interests and music' to use for thorough search through if you've the time.

So, on some future Saturdays, I'll be highlighting a blog (on my blogroll or not). I'll say what gives it the thumbs up and leave a link, too.  You'd be amazed at what you come across with a little surround search. So, for her zany pictures alone, Sam is this week's Sidebar Saturday Stop!

ps........wait til you see what Wowful, Woeful Wednesdays is about!