Monday, 26 October 2009

Little Darlings!

Okay - those who have them or work with or around them know that teenagers can be a teensy bit stubborn. Part of nature. Growing up. But sometimes we mothers and fathers are tarnished with the 'you're an embarrassment' brush and the only time some of them talk to you is when they're after something other than advice. Usually money. So often teenage issues can be a hard thing to discuss with the arm swinging brigade. Obviously parents want to keep their little angels free from harm and bad judgment. So what can we do if a teen just doesn't want to know...? I reckon as with little 'uns we should portray our worries in a series of life-shaping books - wiff pictures and everyfink.

Youngsters love books that often rhyme! Never too old for them! Especially if it includes a name. Andy Pandy. Sue and Sugar Too! Hannah Montana. You get the drift. So I suggest a series of them for the stubborn teen. I'm not covering every issue but perhaps some in the title range of....

1. Nina The Fat Ballerina.
2. Joyce And Her Fondness For Boys.
3. Sweary Hairy Mary.
4. Stew And His New Pot Of Glue.
5. Keith The Overnight Thief.
6. Donald And Danny No Longer Like Fanny.
7. Mitch And His Unusual Itch.
8. Dave Slave.
9. Nelly And Her Swelly Belly.
10. Buck Who Just Don't Give A Damn What Anybody Says!

....might do the trick. If they're illustrated in full blown colour, with really stiff pages, and chucked in the room or slid under the door when there's a teen mate in the room with him/her, well, maybe talking to mum or dad won't seem as awful as it sounds!
Pratt Of A Cat - example 6:

Just because a niece visits at Halloween with her face painted like a cat does NOT mean she's on your side..........pratt!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday Snippet (6)

Loved what I saw when walking home the other day. Passed a park that's situated next to a 'poshish' housing scheme. One of the 'No Ball Games by Order' signs had been uprooted and taken to the other end of the park where it was re-rooted so many yards away from another sign of exactly the same warning! The kids were using it as the other goal post! Ahhhhhhh!

It was the first time in my life I ever felt like joining in a football/soccer game!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Happy Annivesary To Meeeeeeee!!

I had to let you girls (and occasional boys!) see the card my nutty neighbours next door bought for our anniversary yesterday. Liz and Tam have probably traipsed round every card shop in the area to find one that's fitting as when it comes to cards they always 'deliver'!
And opened up:
And just in case those badges need bigger clarity:

Don't you just love it when some things are so apt! The pink bubbly stuff helped heaps with the dental pain and blocked nose (see What Lena Leaves for details!). I reminded him of the badges' status when it came to opening up the choccies!

PRATT OF A CAT - example 5:

Next Morning.............

Alcohol is never the answer...........pratt!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Snippet.....(5)

Men are wonderful at multi-tasking. Only this quiet, Sunday morning was he valuing my opinions by nodding, smoking and occasionally saying 'mmmmm'.
It was only shopping I was banging on about but at least it's helped me make my mind up as to what I'm getting him this Christmas - a nice box of milk chocolate After Eight Thins.........and shoving some right between his arse cheeks when he eventually crashes out. Oh, the joy of him waking and initially thinking he's shit himself!

'Merry Christmas Darling ! Now where did I put that Oxi Action pre-wash gel?

Large Visitor Globe

Monday, 12 October 2009

Shitty Knitters Rule!

Never let it be said that I'm not creative. I simply cannot pass the day without doing something. After all the daily business is done, I like to unwind with my kinda thing. I started knitting my daughter's jumper in July, so I'll have it ready for her at New Year when she and her husband always visit! I only knit to her approval. But my sodding problem is that I often take too many things on at the same time and leave woolly, unconquered garments in the lurch. That's why coming across this little item again made me smile. It's perfect 'me time' sized and it's the only garment that I've ever asked for back.

When we found out that my favourite band, Suede, were to split up in 2003, my sister and I were devastated. No more bunking off work and throwing sickies to see them. No more coming home with bruising and fag burns on clothes after gigs! No more staying overnight in pissed-drenched train stations for catching the end of shows or vomiting in Edinburgh/Glasgow streets through a sustenance of alcohol because you're too excited to eat! God, I miss those days.

But, because our family intends to inflict our favourite music on our children (that can be cruel in some cases!) it gave me the idea to make the jumper below for my little niece, Rachel, who was 9 months old when she wore it. My wee sis adored it on her baby and always bought unusual clothes and toys ect, whenever she could. Just to veer off a little from the typical.

On the jumper I have knitted in a headstone with the date of the bands' birth and demise in music. Round the headstone I painstakingly embroidered little flowers in respect of the band. And we didn't care what reaction it got from other mums (most of them thought we were mad) but I can remember my GP saying it was brilliant! (Not that I had consulted him about the idea, Rachel just happened to be wearing it while I was babysitting!).

So, I've been knitting away like an old fogey since, usually for older babies and sometimes with rudish sayings on them! A lot of asterisks used, that kind of thing! Coz that's what modern and untypical mums want these days. Let's face it - the kids won't get away with bad language or choose 'sinister' clothes when they're older, (unless they're Goth of course) so we have to do it for them when we can! Just think of the horror of showing them the pictures when they're older! Rachel will probably be mortified when this picture resurfaces in her teens. And that jumper is to be kept for my first grandchild. It's the hairiest ******* heirloom I'll ever be proud of!.


PRATT OF A CAT - example 4:

Dodgy dances moves will get you neither a queen, nor smoked salmon.......Pratt!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Snippet......(4)

I refuse to decorate today. Load of bollocks anyhow. By the time you've finished one room another could do with a touch up (know how it feels!).

It's all a fraudulent chore anyhow........ Manufacturers of Dulux 'Once', I think the word you're looking for is 'Twice'.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Say What....?!

Old fashioned names are back in style. I quite like Emilia, Florence, and Winifred for new girl babies. All names that can be abbreviated or derived. I also like George, Alfred, and Joseph for boys for they too, can be adjusted to suit modern times. Even my own name, Helena, has lots of derivatives to it. I was named after my grandmother Helena (a sour-faced old bint, apparently!). Over the years my family has refered to me accordingly, as the decade suited. The 'a' was dropped in the 60/70's, so I went through my school years as simply, Helen. I now prefer the shortened version of Lena, from my birth name but the nicknames have scunnered me over the years. Nelly, Tiger-Lill and Elly are just a few I've been lumbered with! I'm too old to protest now!

I really don't mind some of the modern names, circa 90's/00's. Madison, Taylor, Chealsea, Tallula, are all names I've heard from modern mums with babies. I'm not always sure if it's a girl or a boy either, but I've felt it impolite to ask. But when I heard THIS name, I thought it was a wind-up! My friend assures me it is true. Her friend named her little boy Wisdom-Jones! This as a Christian name! The first thing that sprung to mind when I heard it was Native America, where such like names are fitting. But this little lad is English and will be attending a mainstream school in a few years. Lest they cut that name severely to Jo, I can't see this little bugger getting away with a title like that. People laugh at it but the mum is proud apparently, but kids will be kids.

I suppose the breed that do get away with things like this are celebrities. I mean we have Apple, Romeo and Princess (she's not!) Tiiami's in the papers and it won't matter to them what stupid bloody label they carry! I actually quite like Brangelina's daughter! Shilo Pitt. I wonder if the parents considered what that'll sound like spoonerized!

So modern parents - feel free to look for the unique, other cultures' names ect. Just don't pin a ridiculous name on the little bundle that'll be heavier to carry than a builders hod! It's the one humphing it about all the time!

Pratt of a cat below:
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Online love NEVER lasts......................................Pratt!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Certified Foods

I don't always understand religion. My only appearance in church is at weddings, funerals and when the kids were at school. Despite this, I do have family members who attend regularly and I always respect others' choices in what their belief is. On the other hand, I'm not vocal about why I don't attend church, but I want so much to believe there is a Heaven. Mostly in this multi-cultural world, I do accept that there are vast and many, many aspects to one's own particular religion and its God. Never once have I scoffed at faith. I feel if you believe there is a God, you must also accept that the Devil exists, too.

My son came home late from work on Sunday, and I asked him if he'd been given a bit overtime. He has a weekend job at our local hospital, working in both the kitchens and as a porter. But he said it was a missing slip that held him back for an hour.

After preparing a meal for an Muslim patient - of which included the same meal choices as other patients - he could not find the 'slaughter' certificate. At first I thought he was pulling my leg. Of course I understood that animals are and were still being sacrificed in certain religions. Even for a meat eater, I don't always like to think how the animal died but it doesn't stop me from wolfing into that chicken Korma! And as much as I respect her choice - my great niece won't ever turn me into a vegetarian, not while there's rolls and bacon out there!

But I felt it for the patient. Her chicken choice had to be slaughtered across the throat straight from life - no partial stunning beforehand - and then drained of blood. This had to be proven before she could eat. Chef had already left the kitchens and he is the one who tends to the meal certificates stating that this meat was in compliance with Halal. In a very busy hospital kitchen one little slip can easily go amiss among the hundreds of other trays now and again. But it wasn't for the want of searching.

So, after the other women in the ward - a lot eating the same meal - had finished theirs the Islamic woman had no other choice than to pick another meal and eat alone. And my son said that chef wouldn't be a happy bunny when he heard about it. For a long while now, the kitchens in hospitals run in orderly effect of Halal. Personally, I couldn't care less how my haggis was killed - pull it's brains out with hooks down it's nose if need be - it won't alter the flavour to me!

What ever the ethics and ethos of some cultures, it goes to show that some things we take for granted can be a little more awkward for others. The attitude towards alcohol in some religions I can fully appreciate. I now also understand why during my son's primary school days, his friend Wiqqas, who is Muslim, wasn't as overly polite as I thought he was when it came to food during sleep overs. At the time, I just didn't think. Poor little empty-bellied adolescents! Just as well I had something other than chicken in for tea!

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PRATT OF A CAT - example 2:

2. Never curl up and fall asleep next to drunken teenagers.......pratt!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sunday Snippet ....(2)

What a rip off these permanent marker pens are. I bought one 3 weeks ago and it's run out already!