Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Snippet.....(5)

Men are wonderful at multi-tasking. Only this quiet, Sunday morning was he valuing my opinions by nodding, smoking and occasionally saying 'mmmmm'.
It was only shopping I was banging on about but at least it's helped me make my mind up as to what I'm getting him this Christmas - a nice box of milk chocolate After Eight Thins.........and shoving some right between his arse cheeks when he eventually crashes out. Oh, the joy of him waking and initially thinking he's shit himself!

'Merry Christmas Darling ! Now where did I put that Oxi Action pre-wash gel?

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Anonymous said...

hahaha - I usually find a nice quiz on what I was talking about brings a bit of shame, let me know how you get on with the after eights

Gloria said...

Oh you are evil, pure evil . . . and I love it!!!

. . and the word verification . . nowili . . Hahahahaha!!!!

Gloria said...

Lena, thank you for the comments you left me on my poem, You . . thanks:)

Ekanthapadhikan said...

I'm glad that I get to read all this before I'm married. Now have at least a vague idea about what women likes and hates in a man. I better play my cards right and be very attentive to my girl!

Thanks a lot. You really scared me. I really am re considering whether I need a girl in my life!

And thanks lot for your comments in my song blog. And as per your request I made a pathetic attempt at translating the lines of the song that I have posted today. Take a look and I'm sure you'd re consider your request.

Lena said...

Ekan - we females are not all that bad - just very good at emphasizing and siding with each other. We still need you men!! Find the girl of your dreams. She'll be out there somewhere.

Gloria - that word verification can really crack me up! I think my fave one so far is 'fisms'!