Saturday, 28 January 2012

Not After Your Dosh - Just Support!

Now that my son's band, Casino, was forced to change it's name (for copyright reasons) they have now settled on Hotel India as the new one. With it being a New Year and having some Blogger friends who've liked the video's in the sidebar (although I don't know where Jay's got too!) I'm re-introducing the material via posts for others.  There's a charity night coming up that they and 3 other local bands are starring in, although all the bands are over forty friendly to the ears! The charities are

Canine Partners - (my friend and fellow campaigners chosen charity)

Breast Cancer Scotland - (condition linked with me)

As usual the guys are keen to spread their stuff for their town (Falkirk) to get a deserved placing in mainstream music. Just give them a little listen and make that click. The more Facebook 'likes' adds to their ultimate total (donated by local businesses) - so recommend to ALL your friends..?! It would really be appreciated. One click- sod off - and you're done!  This vid might change your mind though! Oh, and as I get asked son is the drummer and had a broken toe during the filming of the video.......!!

ps.....the bellow message is from their Facebook profile. They look after their residents they do!  We want to pack that hotel!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Get To 'F' (25)

             I'm only here for the scented beer......! 
                   My first 'effing' find this year!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wur Rabbie

                                                    Rabbie Burns
                         January 25th 1759 - 21st July 1796

Tonight is Burns night, where Scottish families will sit around the table, eating loads of Haggis (if we're lucky with the kill!) neeps and tatties.  This tradition carries on all over the world, too. Tonight my daughter, who lives in London, is having a Burns meal for family and friends there. Traditionally, the meal is washed down with a tot/lot of whisky, and poems and songs of our famous, talented, womanising, philandering, bad boy bard, are performed until one passes out. Below is the first verse of the Selkirk Grace, read before the haggis's skin is split. Prestigious celebrations see this in with an actual piper, highland dress and a sword.

No matter where in the world I may be (couch), I always celebrate oor Rabbie.  And if you haven't read any of his works, please do.  Any translations needed, just give me a nudge.  And if anybody is brave enough to try haggis for yourself, the recipe is there, too.  Is it any wonder Scotsmen wear kilts...?! 


Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Call

Walking through the woodlands, now suburbia's lost sight
Was the last place that she should have gone, under sapphire skies that night

A rose thorn picked her previously, blood ignites the past
Led her to her messy wardrobe, dress all crushed and stained with grass

Her life had crumbled overnight, her mind kept folding stairs
Recalled that evening's tragedy, no more times to call theirs

They halted at this very spot, in silent sounds of life
His destiny decided by the edging on that knife

They ran off with no money, no valuables to steal
Breathed in love and honesty, the main part of their deal.

A quick but painful passing, his eyes pleading to her.
His last vision was her terror as his sight began to blur.

Months had past and so it seemed, she conquered over pain
Never shall she take love to this deep level again

So while standing on the very spot, she knew what she should do
Join him in eternity, red penetrating blue

The drop was sharp and very deep, the river ran below
A few brave steps and up she'll fly, all pretty for her beau

But the second that she closed her eyes, she felt a nippy peck
Her scarlet scarf was firmly tugged and flew straight from her neck

Four calling birds took to the silk, and rested on the branch
The scarf that still held Peter's blood, that doubled as a stanch

The birds were loud, despite the night, a ruckus round the red
And watermarks in tears now spilling down that fateful dress

A calling bird alone did sing, in vague familiar tune
Similar to that that Peter hummed up to the moon

Quietly she rose and started slowly walking back
To the home they'd built together,  with it's little flaws and cracks

At the gate she smiled and slid the scarf quite easy overhead
The knot, as ever, far too tight - a Calling Bird  in stead.


Thursday, 19 January 2012

TimeTo GIG Deep Again

Arrangements for the April/May charity gig (venue to be considered at a later date due to rising interest) look promising at this early stage.  The charity's considered this time (as I'll have a helper) will be Canine Partners and one of the Pink Breast Cancer charities, following my own recent scare! As well as my own two sons' bands,  I'm lucky enough to have 2 bands of older generation members, namely (The 117) and (The Signals) who have both played for charity many times before, seem happy enough to join the artists list. One of them asked if I could arrange for them to 'support' my older son's band sometime, which was rather touching.

Talking of which me older lad (PrettyBoy)s band, Hotel India (these guys) are on the up with more and more requests to play at gigs. Formerly Casino, they had to drop their name as another signed band called Casino said there would be copyright problems if they were to be signed themselves.  In a weird fashion, I suppose that's a compliment!!

The new name derived from the phonetic alphabet - you know all that Tango, Charlie, stuff. Initialled to the simple pleasantry of HI, (wave your handies!) Hotel India was eventually chosen. Took a little getting used to but the change see ms to be falling in their favour. Silly gimmicky advertising in response to this kind of advertising below: (as on view down my sidebar - you can click on the pic, look for the 'like' at the top of page and you'll be helping raise the interest before the charity gig) has been successful in gaining fun interest and Facebook fans. Just one quick-click  visit (and a listen if you fancy it!) and it's all over!

Make 'Room' For A Listen (no extra charge)

Make 'Room' For A Listen (no extra charge) 

Have YOU snuck into the Hotel yet?

Present fans that sneak other newbie's into the Hotel, and rise the 'likes' status get rewarded with a new track once the desired number is reached.  Demo's will be thrown out the Hotel windows and you have to be online at certain dates to try catch them.  Daft quizzes for merchandise is another future consideration. And if music can't be fun at the same time, what's the point in being a band!!??

So it seems as if people are up for slipping in the back way when the concierge ain't looking! Who knows what the guys will come up with next, (apart from amazing new material) but a little change sometimes goes a long way! And anyone who doesn't want to join in the mania can simply Foxtrot off!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mugger Off!!

This morning, around ten o'clock, my husband was mugged. What was the thief after? The very HAT on his head.

Patiently Trevor was listening to his iPod waiting on the lights to permit him to cross the road. Next thing he knew he felt a punch to the back of his head and a lad around 20 ran off with his hat. The little shit turned and gave my hubby the V-sign for added insult. His 'friends' picked him up in a van along the road.

What gets me is that this was an act of sudden circumstance. They've taken into account that as my hubby was the only pedestrian to cross, was listening to music and not quite a spring chicken, their impromptu plan worked.

The police are at least looking into it. If the guys in the van aren't local, they may not be aware of all the CCTV surrounding the very spot where the mugging happened. It's only a few yards away from the primary school and shopping precinct so there's a chance they might nail the culprits. If they are local, then they've got some bottle. Makes you wonder what else the bastards would consider on impulse.

 The hat was really my son's and he paid £40 for it, it had a logo so the thief knew it was a brand name. I know it's hardly the crime of the century, but it's the assault and shock that angers me more than the loss. He's a decent bloke my hubby and didn't deserve it. Time I got the knitting needles looked out.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Getting To New Fook

Friday's here at last and to kick start the New Year I'm uploading a quadruple set of mad and wonderful edits. Thought of a food theme (as one is perpetually hungry) so that kept me happy for a bit. Do excuse me as I nip to the loo - via the fridge.....!