Thursday, 19 January 2012

TimeTo GIG Deep Again

Arrangements for the April/May charity gig (venue to be considered at a later date due to rising interest) look promising at this early stage.  The charity's considered this time (as I'll have a helper) will be Canine Partners and one of the Pink Breast Cancer charities, following my own recent scare! As well as my own two sons' bands,  I'm lucky enough to have 2 bands of older generation members, namely (The 117) and (The Signals) who have both played for charity many times before, seem happy enough to join the artists list. One of them asked if I could arrange for them to 'support' my older son's band sometime, which was rather touching.

Talking of which me older lad (PrettyBoy)s band, Hotel India (these guys) are on the up with more and more requests to play at gigs. Formerly Casino, they had to drop their name as another signed band called Casino said there would be copyright problems if they were to be signed themselves.  In a weird fashion, I suppose that's a compliment!!

The new name derived from the phonetic alphabet - you know all that Tango, Charlie, stuff. Initialled to the simple pleasantry of HI, (wave your handies!) Hotel India was eventually chosen. Took a little getting used to but the change see ms to be falling in their favour. Silly gimmicky advertising in response to this kind of advertising below: (as on view down my sidebar - you can click on the pic, look for the 'like' at the top of page and you'll be helping raise the interest before the charity gig) has been successful in gaining fun interest and Facebook fans. Just one quick-click  visit (and a listen if you fancy it!) and it's all over!

Make 'Room' For A Listen (no extra charge)

Make 'Room' For A Listen (no extra charge) 

Have YOU snuck into the Hotel yet?

Present fans that sneak other newbie's into the Hotel, and rise the 'likes' status get rewarded with a new track once the desired number is reached.  Demo's will be thrown out the Hotel windows and you have to be online at certain dates to try catch them.  Daft quizzes for merchandise is another future consideration. And if music can't be fun at the same time, what's the point in being a band!!??

So it seems as if people are up for slipping in the back way when the concierge ain't looking! Who knows what the guys will come up with next, (apart from amazing new material) but a little change sometimes goes a long way! And anyone who doesn't want to join in the mania can simply Foxtrot off!

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