Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Call

Walking through the woodlands, now suburbia's lost sight
Was the last place that she should have gone, under sapphire skies that night

A rose thorn picked her previously, blood ignites the past
Led her to her messy wardrobe, dress all crushed and stained with grass

Her life had crumbled overnight, her mind kept folding stairs
Recalled that evening's tragedy, no more times to call theirs

They halted at this very spot, in silent sounds of life
His destiny decided by the edging on that knife

They ran off with no money, no valuables to steal
Breathed in love and honesty, the main part of their deal.

A quick but painful passing, his eyes pleading to her.
His last vision was her terror as his sight began to blur.

Months had past and so it seemed, she conquered over pain
Never shall she take love to this deep level again

So while standing on the very spot, she knew what she should do
Join him in eternity, red penetrating blue

The drop was sharp and very deep, the river ran below
A few brave steps and up she'll fly, all pretty for her beau

But the second that she closed her eyes, she felt a nippy peck
Her scarlet scarf was firmly tugged and flew straight from her neck

Four calling birds took to the silk, and rested on the branch
The scarf that still held Peter's blood, that doubled as a stanch

The birds were loud, despite the night, a ruckus round the red
And watermarks in tears now spilling down that fateful dress

A calling bird alone did sing, in vague familiar tune
Similar to that that Peter hummed up to the moon

Quietly she rose and started slowly walking back
To the home they'd built together,  with it's little flaws and cracks

At the gate she smiled and slid the scarf quite easy overhead
The knot, as ever, far too tight - a Calling Bird  in stead.



Summer Rain said...

love your imaginations, well done.

Wander said...

Thank you for comming over to my neck of the woods, I liked your poem!


Deborah said...

Your writing is so vivid, you paint the story and pictures with them wonderfully.

Susie Clevenger said...

Such a sad tale, but ends on a positive note. A creative interpretation of the picture. Nice work!! Thank you for your visit to my blog.

Helena said...

Thanks peeps. I usually go with first thoughts on any prompts but with this one, I had to go with the full vision. Out of touch a bit, I'm afraid.

Elizena said...

I loved your poem in spite of the sadness, but then there at the end when she smiled and returned back to the home they'd built together, I felt hope. Loved it. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

kez said...

A sad but fabulous story written beautifully ...thank you for sharing x