Friday, 24 August 2012

Oh, The Shame Of Tit!

To see you through the weekend, I found another classic compilation from Bill's Channel on Youtube.  This across the chest, literally mess, comes in a variety of tee-shirt writes.  Some may really offend, but the devilish side of me knows that had I the gall (or more importantly, youth on my side!)  I'd be flinging them shoulders back, chest thrust out, and making some politically incorrect / derogative  statement via my mountains of doom........Maybe I should have taken that mobile advertising job after all..........☼


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

‡ Oh, Limb-Pick-Yourselves-Up! ‡

With the 2012 Games now over, it's time to reflect on all that athletic Olympian grace and pride. This compilation of pictures is must to see!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

♥ And A Barbeque Made Wiff Love ♥

With Scotland going nuts right now in all this hot weather, everyone that can will be setting up a garden barbeque in an effort to eke out that last little bit of warmth.....and it's still daylight until 10.30pm!  From a quick visit to Facebook just now,  I noticed my gorgeous niece-in-law, Jilly, had prepared a nice barbeque meal for my handsome nephew's (Jamie 'Hambone' Smith) tea tonight...........that's my gal!