Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Rythm Of Life

Despite the drums showing in this video still, this post is about domestic violance. It is very disturbing and is an experiment to test today's society. Sometimes, I'm ashamed to be human.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday Snippet (19)

Where in the Bible does it say that it's fine for Christians to eat sausages...? Where?....In Leviticus: Chapter 11, God states quite clearly that no -one is allowed to eat pigs, but I can't find the bit where than ban was lifted for the C of  E .     Thou Shalt Not Grill, indeed........!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hello, Hello........3 In A Row.......!

I'm popping up a few pics of my recent celebrations. I don't go out much or indeed host parties, so these long weekend snaps won't be repeating themselves for a heck of a long time, if ever!

On the Friday my younger son's band No Need For Idols  were playing at Barrowland in Glasgow. It's quite exciting knowing that your son and his friends are actually performing on the same stage that some of your own idols have. It was also the first time Gingernut's big sis and bruv-in-law were seeing them live. Sadly, the drummer is usually stuck behind cymbals! My fave few pics, anyhow:

On the Saturday the cheaper-half and I attended the 25th wedding anniversary of my ex sister-in-law and her hubby, my daughter's auntie from my first marriage. Yes, my ex-husband and his family were there, too. While we all have my daughter to share, we all stay bonded and keep in touch. I still receive recipe's from my ex-mother-in-law. Life's too short to hold on to bad feeling, something I'm happy to say dissolved between our families many moons ago. It's all for the children, after all. My fave few pics:

Sunday finished with a bang - somewhat literally.  To celebrate his H.N.D., we threw a party/barbeque  for Ross and his two friends who passed with him. As you know Ross/PrettyBoy/Kez in a band (that I hardly ever mention) and the guys from Casino brought along their acoustic guitars to have a open-air jam.  They played quite a few Beatles songs in perfect harmony, as well as other requests - mainly their own songs.  Here's my 3, well 4, well, 5, oh, go on then, 6 favourite pics: