Friday, 24 April 2015

Saturday 9 - Hawaii Five-0

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Hear The Ventures with the original Hawaii Five-O theme thisaway

 1. This is the theme from the TV show Hawii Five-0 that ran from 1968 to 1980 and is back again with a new cast.  Were you a fan?  Kind of.  I can remember the family getting together for a show.  

 2. Who is your favourite TV cop?  Well, he's not strictly a cop but a consultant for the FBI who's far better at solving cases than the cops. Simon Baker as The Mentalist. He's the only man that makes me feel like I've got ovaries again.

 3. If you'd followed one of your parents in their profession what would you be doing?   If I'd followed my father:  I'd be a game keeper and butcher.   If I'd followed my mother:  I'd be seeing how many lives I could make a bloody misery.

 4. Have any of our 44 Presidents hailed from your state?  It would be some commuting if one of them had.  But I will be the first one at the polls to vote out our present Prime Minister.

 5. Are you a big coffee drinker?  No.  I'm not a coffee drinker although I sometimes have a very weak latte if I meet my wee sis for a coffee house catch up!

 6. Morton Stevens was the musical director for the entertaining Rat Pack. Can you remember ANY of the members?  I could lie and google it, but the one's I remember (hopefully) are:  Dean Martin * Frank Sinatra * Sammy Davis Jnr  but I'm lost on the last bloke.

 7.  The Ventures came about after Don Wilson bought a used car from Bob Bogle (cracking name bw)  Is your current ride new or used and how did the negotiations go?   I can't drive just direct, but I leave all that kinda stuff to The Cheaper Half.  

 8.  Do you shop at the Gap or  Never.  As much as I admire my daughter's buys I'm more your buy-five-elsewhere-for-the-price-of-Gap. 

 9. What's on your Saturday to do list?  Apart from visiting back here tomorrow,  I'm having a free day while the guys are at footie to catch up on some Sky Arts shows I've recorded.  The housework can go shove itself!


Feline Friday (Ballet Paws)

In celebration of at last getting the house to myself to catch up on my Sky Arts ballets recordings tomorrow, I chose this little guy to celebrate with's hoping the footie falls into extra time for a encore......

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Saturday 9 - Neon Lights

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1. Think of a neon sign you past by often. What does it say?  Simply 'Open' on the door of our local off-licence.

 2.  Demi Lovato spends a great deal of time ion the water. When was the last time you swam?  Two months ago.

 3. How does the sky look where you  are today?  It's midnight here and there are hundreds of stars out.  Makes a change a clear sky does. Should be nice tomorrow!

 4. Crazy Sam always eagerly awaited each new copy ofSeventeen. When you were younger, what  magazine did you read regularly?   I still buy it!  It's called 'The Viz' a kind of adult-humor comic that takes the mickey wonderfully. I've not missed an issue since 1982!  

 5. Do you have any tea in your kitchen right now?  Hell, yes!  We're a right bunch of Tea Jenny's in this house!

 6. Demi is performing in Australia and New Zealand right now. Have you ever had a job that required travel?  Not further than a 10 minute train journey or 23 minutes by bus! 

 7.  Demi starred in Glee which aired it's finale last month. Is there a show that's no longer on that you miss? I remember a cartoon show from my childhood called   'Wait Till Your Father Gets Home'.  Long long ago now - but I'm hoping for a vintage DVD to buy soon.  I can still hear the theme tune in my head!

8.  From which of these meals would you order? Burrito bowls with steak or chicken, salad with chili-corn salsa and a soft taco?  I am a huge spices wimp. I cannot cope with food that's peppery or curried or anything with chili added.  I sometimes struggle with vinegar crisps!
 9. What beverage would you enjoy if ordering from the food above? It would have to be a pint of milk (which cools the mouth down far better than water) on standby if I were mad enough to try the chili-corn dish!


Friday, 17 April 2015

Feline Friday ( Clowning Around )

What a little cutie.......welcoming in a fun weekend!  All together now........ahhhhhhhh........

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Saturday 9 - Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

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                          Hear Chicago perform the title song here 

 1. The songs asks 'Does Anybody Really Care About Time?'. Do you pride yourself  on being punctual? Or don't you really care?   Punctuality isn't my strongest point but I've showed up in time on things that really mattered.

 2. When was the last time you conversed with some-one you really didn't know and what did you talk about?  I've not been out in a few days so it must have been at the breast cancer clinic during my annual check-up.  The conversation in the waiting  room  was duly about our boobs, etc,  but I was scared also about other parts of me peeking through those flimsy hospital gowns!

 3. Are you familiar with Tony Orlando and Dawn's hit song Knock Three Times? Absolutely. Know it word perfect to this very day!

 4.  Does your town have any favourite sons and daughters?   Yes, kinda my own two son's. Their bands do terrifically well in the Scottish music scene and have, I guess, mini - celebrity status.  I'll pop up their first ever recordings.  One is audio only and a ballad, the other a happy chirpy little number.  If only there was more radio air play to boost interest in them globally........*ahem*  They're pretty good, even for our mundane 'lil old town.

     No Need For Idols           Casino

5.  When was the last time you were on a bus or train?  A week ago for some out-of-town shopping for a change.

 6. What's the longest you've stayed in the same job?  Six and a half years as an ABE and AEE tutor. Government closed the community centre classes after 10 years in some shit cutback nonsense. 
 7. Are you introverted or extroverted?Introverted. I can communicate well and I'm friendly enough but I have very few friends that share the same interests as me. I'm happy indoors - especially during the summer.

 8. Have you and will you attend any concerts in 2015? Most likely, but I'm getting too old for standing room only tickets!

 9. What's the last mess you cleaned up? Orange juice over the study table - just missed it soaking some paperwork.  I need to follows The Cheaper Half's advice and drink straight from the bottle instead.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sunday Stealing - The More or Less Meme

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Add 3 or more answers to these

 1. You cannot live without:  
 - music- 
 - chocolate - 
 - meme's

 2. You CAN live without but cannot seem to part with:  
 - Make-up, 
 - old DVD's 
 - scented candles
 3. You wish to accomplish this COMING week:  
 - THAT ironing.

 4. You have accomplished this PAST week:  
 - washing THAT ironing

 5. On your holiday wish list:  
 - To go scuba diving or 
 - visit an aquarium where fish swim overhead or
 - hold a tarantula. 
 ........I'd settle for one of those......

 6. Would like to change about yourself:   
 - Seriously?  My attitude.  I'm too soft most at times.

 7. You like about yourself:  
 - my hair 
 - my creative ways
 - my songwriting

 8. You should be doing right now instead of what you ARE doing:  
 - Nothing.  I've earned this bit free time........lest I allow No:6 to come knocking!

 9. In your life that could use a bit more organisation:  
 - Not leaving Sunday Stealing to Thursday to complete........don't really matter though,  I don't get many visits back.......(is it the ginger hair?)