Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sweet Trouble With The Bubble.......

Out they come in tubes of colours, from the pockets of the mothers
 - seeking solice in the afternoon
Bubbles for fauteur de troubles, well fed up with muck and puddles -
willing now to quietly attune

All it takes you understand, is puffy cheeks and wand in hand,
dipped so deeply down into the lotion
A steady blow until the air, takes it into it's own care,
have you ever see such globular devotion...??

As they delicate the sky, focus on one with keen eye,
and watch the rainbow ripples circle round
Coloured oils swirl into rivers, that gives one delightful shivers,
as it settles on a leaf or on the ground.

Soak the plastic till it's thicker, blowing harder and much quicker,
 -  watch a hundred baby bubbles fight for space
Or run into them arms out wide, oozing soapy-suddy pride,
and feel the magic of the POP! against your face.

Now skillfulness is what is needed,  if previously you succeeded,
to blow the biggest bubble that departed
You must recapture it again, the rule is simple and it's plain -
 back on the very wand from where it rightly started!

No matter what a child desires,  essential things that life requires,
the humble bubble is the captor of our peace.
That every single generation, will always find a true elation,
from that gulp of air, their lips then first release.

It's 2.45am. I've Insomnia. And I Still Haven't Had A..........

Four hours ago, I intended on going to the loo to piddle.........and I still haven't been. Another victory for all those pelvic floor exercises I maintained during my pregnancies!  Who am I kidding......I'm sat here and the thought of that cold porcelain ain't doing me no favours. Potty, anyone....?

Friday, 23 September 2011

Get To 'F' (21)

Getting to 'F' this week was fun. Thank you NorseGod for choosing the pic.  I kinda know the feeling as I get my knickers in a twist often enough, but I'd need to be mega-stressed for this effect:


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Snippet (33)

I've just returned from a visit to an elderly relative, who turned 95 recently.  As the visitors came and went, she was reminding absolutely everyone that she was a great, great, great grandmother.  I, for one, would have expected a little more modesty from a woman of her generation........

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Get To 'F' This Way Too.......! (20)

This week's picture really says it for itself.  Just imagine how many would sell if such a hybrid was produced.  Mind you, they'd have to succeed in developing a variety to please the hot-peppered gals, too! Just a little bit more, perhaps....I enjoy a good mouthful.....!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

And (one up) For The Happy Cow That Lives Down The Lane

(I grew up with classic Disney in my heart, but for my own kids' upbringing, these old characters were overshadowed by newer Disney ones.   However, they'd probably still have enjoyed this poem accompanying the picture........*ahem*)

Donald was the champion of grumpy, bumpy frowns
Hardly smiled at anything, no time for laughs or clowns
Asked some friends to join him on a shooting trip, one day
But no-one took him seriously, much to his dismay

'Look', he said, 'we're all just figments of old Walt's imagination,
but let's not get ideas that are way above your station!
Some of you are nobodies, just used for background fodder,
I think you'll find (till Mickey shows) I deserve the best of lauder!'

But the gang just laughed and wouldn't pose, kept sticking out their tongues
One by one their scrawny necks he could have gladly wrung.
Even in the distance, Clarabelle found it amusing, but
She knew her forest friends were in real danger of a bruising

So she spun a magic rainbow, chucked in colour, made it sparkle
Lured the mad drake forward, (notions heading patriarchal!)
Said, 'There's treasure at the rainbow's end, to suit Sir Donald Duck!"
But there wasn't, just a grand excuse for him to get to........

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Catching Phosphorescence

This is a particularly poor attempt at a short story. It's been one of those week's where the juices, and idea's aren't flowing. Wanted to give it a try, though, as I enjoy entries made here. Not been short story writing for over 20 years and like this colour - it's a bit rusty...and not so short! Fingers crossed for the future....!

Senga waited patiently for Linus.  He promised he'd return to the bay for her.  That summer he left impinged upon her greatly, and for a long time cut her open every day.  Not even the salt of the cooling sea could cleanse the hurt. The day she felt those soft blue eyes resting on her was the day she felt she'd grown up.  Fourteen years old and in love with Linus.

It didn't take long for his fisherman father and needle-crafter mother to settle in.  The small isle welcomed the great angler.  His techniques were astounding and he soon became kitchen talk.  Linus felt proud of his father but had regular bouts of guilt.  As much as he loved traveling, even across the seas, he had music in his heart instead of fish.  Linus, a pretty boy who captivated women of all ages, especially while caressing his flute of luring notes.

Senga and Linus made plans for the future. They would sail around the world, revisiting all the places he had been.  Japan was the country she wanted to visit most and he depicted for her his memories.  How approaching boats made the land look as if it rose straight out of the water, and how all the trees there seemed to grow sideways. Daylight made everything look lacy and on the waters on a still clear night, reflecting stars erased the horizon and it felt as though you were sailing through a huge bowl of stars.  His biggest promise was to catch her a sea-firefly, one chilly magical night.

'I'll bring you back phosphorescence', he promised.  'and it will glow so bright, a token symbol of my love for you'.  And she believed him, until fate struck a direct blow.


On the day he departed, heading back to Europe after his father died,  the darkest skies ever hooded the bay.  The young lovers clung to each other, each kiss tenderly stinging. Senga had hardly the energy to stand. The pain so ripping and so raw. At nineteen, they said their goodbye's.  He promised he would sail back in style for her, be the captain of a trading fleet and whisk her away to become his wife. 

 After a few years Senga lost faith in her beloved ever returning.  Her life moved on but rested with no-one new.  Accepting a few male invitations she did, but marriage, her mother feared, would evade her, lest it be for mere company.  Her heart had already been thrown into the sea and eaten by the creatures that scoured the bed looking for abandoned food.  Promises.


Tearing herself from bed, she ran barefoot out into the night and towards the shore.  A commerce sailing vessel had anchored at the bay earlier on in the day while she was away and she only just heard the news. Large sails were not common and rarely passed by the bay. By the time she reached the sand the ship was far out. Holding out the lantern and waving was no use.  It kept on it's way.

In the ship, the Captain approached a tired and weary looking crew member.

             "Linus....? What troubles you?"

             "Sir, I wanted to make it ashore today, but awoke a short time ago only to find that we're heading back"

               "Ah, lad.......the trials of the sea. When she rocks you to sleep, you must obey." he sighed........."hold that a swaying light on the shore....?"

                Linus  followed his line of vision and leaned far over the ship's side.  " No, sir.......I think that's merely  a firefly."