Wednesday, 14 September 2011

And (one up) For The Happy Cow That Lives Down The Lane

(I grew up with classic Disney in my heart, but for my own kids' upbringing, these old characters were overshadowed by newer Disney ones.   However, they'd probably still have enjoyed this poem accompanying the picture........*ahem*)

Donald was the champion of grumpy, bumpy frowns
Hardly smiled at anything, no time for laughs or clowns
Asked some friends to join him on a shooting trip, one day
But no-one took him seriously, much to his dismay

'Look', he said, 'we're all just figments of old Walt's imagination,
but let's not get ideas that are way above your station!
Some of you are nobodies, just used for background fodder,
I think you'll find (till Mickey shows) I deserve the best of lauder!'

But the gang just laughed and wouldn't pose, kept sticking out their tongues
One by one their scrawny necks he could have gladly wrung.
Even in the distance, Clarabelle found it amusing, but
She knew her forest friends were in real danger of a bruising

So she spun a magic rainbow, chucked in colour, made it sparkle
Lured the mad drake forward, (notions heading patriarchal!)
Said, 'There's treasure at the rainbow's end, to suit Sir Donald Duck!"
But there wasn't, just a grand excuse for him to get to........


Anonymous said...

A great childrens poem--except maybe the last line! But hey, it's great for us big kids. (what's patriarchal? haha)

thingy said...

Haha! I would so buy your children's tales. : )

Lolamouse said...

Great one! A grown up children's poem!

MISH said...

An original take on the prompt and definitely for the grown-up kiddies !
Love the "slam" in the last line !

Cad said...

How has it taken me so long to find A blog like this? LOL

Morning said...

how witty.
thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Now, there's a poem Miss Ligertwood would have taken great pride in♥

Lena said...

Charles - thank you kind sir. I'm not totally sure what patriarchal means myself (I think it's kind of leader/bully of the gang - I'll google it later!) but it was the only thing I could think of to rhyme with sparkle!

Thingy - and yours I would, too!

Lola - thanks! For all we big kids out there!

Mish - thank you, too. I don't think I'll ever grow up.

Cad - feel free to follow and I'll follow back!

Morning - thank you, too!

Kirsty - you know she'd have loved/whipped me senseless this poem. I mean it rhymed for a change!

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...

That's pretty good, covered all the bases, so to speak. Sorry if Donld was going to get plucked. That is what you meant , isn't it? :)


The Cello Strings said...

lovely imaginations...

Lena said...

Larry - Absolutely. Nothing else crossed my mind, not even for a second!

Cello - they are indeed.

bendedspoon said...

wonderful imagination! :)

Jeanie McBain said...

Lovely imaginative piece of poetry :)

e.a.s. demers said...

very cute! :-)