Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sweet Trouble With The Bubble.......

Out they come in tubes of colours, from the pockets of the mothers
 - seeking solice in the afternoon
Bubbles for fauteur de troubles, well fed up with muck and puddles -
willing now to quietly attune

All it takes you understand, is puffy cheeks and wand in hand,
dipped so deeply down into the lotion
A steady blow until the air, takes it into it's own care,
have you ever see such globular devotion...??

As they delicate the sky, focus on one with keen eye,
and watch the rainbow ripples circle round
Coloured oils swirl into rivers, that gives one delightful shivers,
as it settles on a leaf or on the ground.

Soak the plastic till it's thicker, blowing harder and much quicker,
 -  watch a hundred baby bubbles fight for space
Or run into them arms out wide, oozing soapy-suddy pride,
and feel the magic of the POP! against your face.

Now skillfulness is what is needed,  if previously you succeeded,
to blow the biggest bubble that departed
You must recapture it again, the rule is simple and it's plain -
 back on the very wand from where it rightly started!

No matter what a child desires,  essential things that life requires,
the humble bubble is the captor of our peace.
That every single generation, will always find a true elation,
from that gulp of air, their lips then first release.


MISH said...

This is such fun , especially the instructions on the bubble-blowing process !

Steve E said...

"In the old days" *Ha!) we only had pipes to blow bubbles. Sometime after that pipes were disallowed in the schools...never figured out why!--grin!

Since quitting smoking 35 years ago, I have chewed cases upon cases of bubble gum. Usually two or three pieces at a time...I am NEVER without my Wrigleys EXTRA "Classic Bubble".

Like you blog--still..........grin!

Ed Williams said...

"You must recapture it again, the rule is simple and it's plain -
back on the very wand from where it rightly started" - LOVE it!

Morning said...

very deep thoughts on the bubbles.

love it.

Kay said...

Bubbles do bring peace. This is such a great poem! Thank you!

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Good one. I especially love the title!

Lena said...

Big thanks to my fellow writers so far. This poem was a bit rushed and I didn't have time to proofread and alter, just typed and popped it up, so thank you to those who were too polite to mention my spelling mistakes (and more!)

Ann LeFlore said...

You are so right the humble bubble is the keeper of peace I love this line and it rings so true. Bubbles are so peaceful

bendedspoon said...

so wonderful! you made me smile with the puffy cheeks as I remember my kiddos cheeks :)

Friko said...

I'm forever blowing bubbles . . . .

Except I'm not, sadly, not being a fan of bubblegum and being a bit too old for the soapy kind.

Lolamouse said...

I remember doing this when my daughter was young! Bring out the bubbles!!! Actually, we use bubbles in our hospice bereavement program as well, with both children and adults! Everyone loves them!

Lena said...

Lola, the bereavement programme sounds splendid. Here's to the future soapy guys!

I buy them for wedding's. My daughter's wedding album has bubbles floating around in some snaps.....and no confetti to mess the location!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I liked this a lot :)

Ginny Brannan said...

What a beautiful poem on the joys of simple moments like these. Especially love
"...That every single generation, will always find a true elation,
from that gulp of air, their lips then first release."
Perfectly captured!