Thursday, 29 September 2011

It's 2.45am. I've Insomnia. And I Still Haven't Had A..........

Four hours ago, I intended on going to the loo to piddle.........and I still haven't been. Another victory for all those pelvic floor exercises I maintained during my pregnancies!  Who am I kidding......I'm sat here and the thought of that cold porcelain ain't doing me no favours. Potty, anyone....?


sweet pea. said...

i hate cold toilets.
id rather wait a few hours to use the loo than let a freezing cold toilet touch my lower half.

in other news, though,
thank you very much for droppin by.
and its so nice to know that my writing had an (positive) effect on you. so happy that ive convinced you =))
so go for it.
if you want it, just go for it.
do it.
dooo iiittt!!!!

Lena said...

I SHALL.....! Thanx Sweet Pea/pee! lol

Steve E said...

Hey Lena, I left my "frozen toilet" comment on "Get to 'F'" post. Sorry, age, ya know--grin!

Probably just as well I didn't comment on peeing-in-the-night.

Something nobody in the whole world knows about me...yet: I take Lucky out in back yard to pee (Rhodesian Ridge-back 3 years-old)...and he and I go together. It's a habit--for him. If I go on vacation, he'll probably not pee until I get back!

Now, YOU know my one last secret! I grow weeds!

Shauna said...

luv this pic. you are ver

Lena said...

Steve - lol! You blokes have that bit edge on 'outside activities' indeed!