Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Click, Click, Swipe.....................

I'm a naughty mum.  I've stolen a picture and popped it on the 'net.  Just here.....all right and maybe there a bit, too! And why the big fuss over a pic of what looks just like a bunch immature nyaffs...?  Well,  here's why.

Now as you know, I hardly EVER mention my sons' bands, but my older son's (4th from left) band, Casino, have been a little Internet inactive recently. Well, for 7 months to be precise but it's in their fan's interest. Since last November they've recorded, remastered, and mixed 2 new tracks. Lynette and Asylum. Another video to an older track has been filmed,  and their website is under major construction. As well as constant gigging, where they played King Tuts in Glasgow (Scotland's most sought after venue!) at New Year,  and CD launches, their photographer recently took a set of professional pictures for addition to their website. All still to be added to the soon-to-be, new look webby.

Of course, on the rocky road to fame you have to show some serious, gutsy, we're-the-guys pics but this one from the set typifies Maw Kezley's (their name for me....*tut*...don't ask!) boys. It's not always about the fame but the fun. And I think that paying all these dues to their fans deserve a little bit of madness.

                            l-r  Ross, Ross, Scott, Ross and Paul...!

Up The Arse Corner?.......The new album from Casino...lol.......mwah!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sunday Snippet (16)

The cheaper half is always going on about waste and how it's not too difficult to make things go further. So I simply left my cooking oil on the No.43 bus on my way home from the shops! Voila!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Camden Lock, Och Aye...!

My visit to Camden in London was only a passing one.  Next visit I will be spending the whole day (and my life savings probably) there. The biggest fascination was the huge signs above the shops.Bloody brilliant. Here's a few snaps!

My first ever pic of me with a proper London bus behind me!

 The funky and punky shops were awesome.

The colourful streets cheered up the dreary day! I love that levitating rocking chair...!

Despite being an old fogey, the Goth and Punk shops were my favourites! Amazing stuff on sale!

This pic is suppose to look as if Kerri is holding up the bridge but my perspective is a load of shite!

As we were making our way along the canal.

This is the most bizarre sight I've seen. As we walked along the canal side, these luxury flats displayed all sorts of balcony flowers and pots, ect, so it's anyone's guess as to why a full sized cow is displayed. Guess they must run out of milk a lot......!

Bye Bye for now, London. See you again after the summer months have passed and the winter sales are on!