Monday, 30 March 2015

Sunday Stealing - The Dirty Dozen

                     ☻        The Dirty Dozen        ☻

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1. This weather is really........windy and chucking it right now.

2.  You think you've seen it all, you should see my adult diapers.......just kidding - my elephant onesie, just as distressing! 

3.  I'm sure you'd still love me even if........I love Judge Judy.

4.  I think I have finally realised........that bragging about Scottish football is a lost cause.

5.  Since the last time we linked up........I don't think we both have yet!

6.  I get super embarrassed........very rarely these days.

7.  I really thought by now........I'd have won the lottery - well a raffle at least!

8.  If I thought no one would read it, I'd write about.........the time I used that vacuum nozzle......!   

9.  I knew I was in the wrong place........when I thought the urinal was a rather low sink.

10.  I am not so above........5ft 4in

11.  Let's pretend.........that Phil Collins never even happened.

12.  Just you'll grow back!


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Saturday 9: Thinking Out Loud

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1. Tell us your favourite Elton John song:   I'm not really a fan of Elton, in fact I think he's a bit of a twat mostly but that doesn't affect his songs. It has to be Sacrifice'. 

2. Do you get nervous when the doctor gives you a shot?  No. Not in the least.

3. What condiments are in you kitchen right now?  Ketchup, brown sauce, various vinegar's, salts and peppers.  

4. Do you use Spotify or Pandora?  Neither.   

5. Do you prefer to live in a rural, urban or suburban area?  I'm a town girl.  I could never settle in the country.

6. Were you able to see the stars last night or was it cloudy and overcast?  They were twinkling like mad last night - very clear sky.

7. Does red hair run in your family?  It sure does.  I'm a strawberry blonde and there are red streaks popping out all over elsewhere!

8. Have you/would you dye your hair?  Not any more.  Most of the nineties I was a platinum blonde with dark hair beneath.  I get quite a lot of compliments au natural.

9. Have my windows covered in curtains and blinds?  Both!



Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Stealing - The I Meme

                     This week's meme is in even more fun fashion. Aye! Aye!

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I am.....needing a wee. 
I want.....candy floss right now!
I have......trouble fitting in sometimes
I wish......I could cook.
I hate......snobbery and cliques.  How hard is it to say hello?
I fear......the rate of technology.
I hear......the funfair in the distance.
I buggery each day for grey hairs!
I many baked beans are in the average tin?  
I regret......not having held on to that St.Pepper album with the cut out pieces intact!
I cream and humorous poetry.
I never......catch a cold.  Ever.
I ache......from my shoulder right now.  Bloody gardening!
I always.......put my foot in it!
I usually.......make mountains out of molehills.  Maybe not everyday.
I am confident as some think I am.
I dance......very rarely these days.  Not even at drunken family functions!
I sing......every day.
I guitar along with it.
I cry......unashamedly.  I'm very tenderhearted beneath all them heartless bitch layers!
I am not always......reliable.  God knows how many events I've missed due to ill health or plain bad  luck.
I lose......umbrellas.  At least five a year.
I am confused......when violence is used.
I need......tea.  It's been 40 mins since my last cup.
I should......get off to the toilet.
I am......still needing that wee!

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Saturday 9. It's Not Unusual!

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                                            The ageless and ever Welsh rarebit!  Listen and watch all the screaming fans in the video at the end! 

1.  Will you be out and about this weekend?  Been spending the weekend tugging at my strawberry patch - then wer'e thinking of venturing outdoors for a tidy up in the garden!

2.  Could the room you are in right now, benefit from a thorough cleaning from a vacuum? 
 Let's make that 4 rooms. Or five.

3.  When you were growing up did you collect signatures and sayings from your friends?   At the end of a school year it was customary to bring in your uniform's shirt and get classmates and teachers to sign and mark it!  The tradition holds till this day!

4.  If you could choose one new article of clothing for your wardrobe today what would it be?  Bottoms to match a top I'm wearing to my son's engagement party next week!

5.  Tell us about a character from a book you wish you were friends with in real life.  Peter Pan.  You'd get from A-B pretty fast if he was around!

6.  Do you share your birthday with anyone famous?  Just Googled it and Mimi Rogers is as good as it gets.

7.  When you were in first or second grade what did you want to do when you grew up? A zoologist.

8.  Do you have any aspirin in your medicine chest right now?   Every other remedy but!  I'm more your ibuprofen kinda girl.

9.  Random:  You've just entered a public restroom.  Would you rather find a towel dispenser or a hot air drier?  Not fussed really.  Sometimes my jeans finish the job off!


This has been a pleasure to do!  He sure did record some terrific music.  I actually took my twin's mother-in-law way back in the 80's to her first ever Tom Jones concert.  She near pissed her pants with excitement.  Thank goodness for all those knickers flying around!