Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sunday Stealing - Meme 17

                                    The Fun Starts Every Sunday here.

1. Are you a jealous person?  I think everyone is capable of being emulous from time to time but it lessons as you age.

2. When is the next time you're travelling out of state?  Considering that I live in Britain,  that'll be no time soon...!

3. Can you write your name in a foreign language?  I know the French and the German versions.

4.  When getting ready for something do you listen to music?  I most certainly do.

5. What is your favourite day of the week?  Sunday. 

6. What something did you do yesterday you'd wish to do today?  Sneak off to bed with an even bigger bar of chocolate......

7. If you woke up tomorrow speaking a foreign language, which would you want that to be?  Dutch.

8. What did you last order online?  Pizza.

9. Do you have any specific hobbies?  I love poetry - humorous in particular - and take part in this group Magpie Tales on Blogger every Sunday.

10.  What recent song have you discovered that you would like everyone else to hear?  It has to be this one I discovered searching for info on the Eurovision Song Contest.  Quirky and cheery.   Lena with 'Satellite'

11. Favourite winter accessory?   My daisy wellingtons.

12. What did you last eat?  Porridge. 

13. Look to your left. What's there?  My study wall.

14.  How long does it take you to fall asleep?  Depends on how long the chapter is!

15.  Is there a TV in your room?  There is.

16.  What comes to your mind when I say red?  Poppy fields.

17.  Name something you think is pointless?  Dishwashers and appendixes.


Saturday 9. Stop! In The Name Of Love

                                 Please link up to Sam's weekly Saturday 9  right here!

                        This week's Saturday 9:   The Supremes

                                 Stop! In The Name Of Love

                        Unfamiliar with the song?  Hear it here

1. When was the last time you got dressed up?  For my stepson Sean's wedding (see my other blog for details!).

2. Can you think of an opportunity you missed?  I'm miffed I didn't stay on at my Community Education higher training course longer.  I'd have had a free car by now!

3. Tell us about a time your persistence paid off......I made a bird house out of old wood odds and ends and with help from a library book, succeeded in hanging it outside where a couple of bluetits soon after nested in! Result!

4. Do you know the lyrics of  'Stop In The Name Of Love'?  Yup! I sang along fine just then.

5. When you were in the park what did you run to first?  I've always been a swinger.......

6. What do you have on your feet right now? Pink fluffy mules.

7. Tell us about a time you ''played hurt''.......I can't think of any to be honest, but I once managed holding in a pee for the duration of my son's drama musical if that counts......?

8. Are you a good swimmer?  Reasonably good.

9. Are you good at multi-tasking? Anything over 3 tasks at a time then I've no chance!


*I really missed Saturday 9 in my absence but gad to see it's still going strong*

Friday, 27 February 2015

Feline Friday

Now THAT's snug.........


ps.................could any kind FF participent remind me how to grab the code to link the other posts underneath?  The codes aren't popping up like usual.  I'd be very grateful....Helena...xc

Friday, 20 February 2015

Feline Friday - The Goodbye

I lost this little guy three weeks ago. So quick and without warning. He was only nine.  I've no doubt his memory will live on through future FF's.