Saturday, 28 February 2015

Saturday 9. Stop! In The Name Of Love

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                        This week's Saturday 9:   The Supremes

                                 Stop! In The Name Of Love

                        Unfamiliar with the song?  Hear it here

1. When was the last time you got dressed up?  For my stepson Sean's wedding (see my other blog for details!).

2. Can you think of an opportunity you missed?  I'm miffed I didn't stay on at my Community Education higher training course longer.  I'd have had a free car by now!

3. Tell us about a time your persistence paid off......I made a bird house out of old wood odds and ends and with help from a library book, succeeded in hanging it outside where a couple of bluetits soon after nested in! Result!

4. Do you know the lyrics of  'Stop In The Name Of Love'?  Yup! I sang along fine just then.

5. When you were in the park what did you run to first?  I've always been a swinger.......

6. What do you have on your feet right now? Pink fluffy mules.

7. Tell us about a time you ''played hurt''.......I can't think of any to be honest, but I once managed holding in a pee for the duration of my son's drama musical if that counts......?

8. Are you a good swimmer?  Reasonably good.

9. Are you good at multi-tasking? Anything over 3 tasks at a time then I've no chance!


*I really missed Saturday 9 in my absence but gad to see it's still going strong*


I am Harriet said...

Your slippers sound very fun!

The Gal Herself said...

Welcome back to Sat. 9! So happy to find someone else who can sing along. I was surprised by how many participants don't know the words to this classic.

**** April **** said...

I need pink fluffy mules in my life!