Saturday, 27 August 2011

Opting For........(POETS RALLY week 50)


Have you often been this acrid
You, the keeper of that tongue?
Lashing it so recklessly
With that little mood you swung

Stop being oh, so touchy
Stop delving in so deep
The whole world, ain't against you
It's the hours you chose to keep

It's a struggle, some requirements
Often have to change their path
Unexpected rings, and social flings
Familiar aftermath

Some excuses really are,
The truth, and so you see
Disappointment scales the plans
In which we can't foresee

No damn hidden agenda
No one's stabbed you in the back
Short notice comes in bouts at times
It's hard to keep on track

Tainting those in colours
With that tarry, tarry brush
Might end in sad extinction
If a heart you lamely crush

Some fib to spare a feeling
We've survived it at all before
But some in selfish attitude
Head you straight for the front door

Make a scene, by all means, honey
Scream and shout and stomp and curse
Is it worth it, these huge mountains?
If you tumble off headfirst?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Hiding Swallow.......

I waded through those heaving sheaths of wheat. Open heart, clogged head. A few days ago I found out you are not my real brother and it is your blood that is pure.

Our parents chose me well. Colouring, in eyes, of skin, was consistent with theirs. Two blues couldn't make a brown - right? So my copper hair and azure eyes secured the lie that gave me acceptance and substance of who I was. Never ever questioned. Until now.

Why couldn't I work it out? You, Mathew, with your matinee features, ease of tanning, your confidence roaring, and me with my plain face, pasty skin and placid nature. How could we share the same genes? My protector, my shield. You were my hero and I often felt like your bane.

Father told me in that hospital room before he died, that I have a birth mother out there somewhere. Knowing you now live so far away, I think he got scared for old quiescent me. I have no one else. I understand this revelation I was never to find out, but with mum gone, he panicked. This helped his passing, no secrets, no pain, no linger. Just peace.

So, I'll see you tomorrow and together we'll arrange the funeral. I can't believe it's been 13 years and you haven't married! That was expected of me too, but virtual recluses aren't likely to taste matrimony.  I'm surprised at you, though. All the girls that wanted to be my friend just to get closer to you! My handsome big brother........

Before you head back, Mathew, will you trek through the wheat field with me?  Remember how we used to take that shortcut home and risked time and again, the rage of the farmer?  But the beauty of that field, the performance that captivated, was when the swallows circled us, speed and angle perfect, catching the winged insects we disturbed while paving our golden route. You told me they only appeared to those with pure hearts. No liars, cheats or fakers would ever be encircled. Only those who truly feel love. What will our chances be? Will your protective shadow ever be standing behind mine again?

I bit my lip yesterday and tasted the blood as it filled my mouth. Yours would taste no different, if the swallows ever misjudged the dive and speared your heart. Welcome home, Mathew.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Caress For Less

I'm into the habit now of trying to watch an online movie a night in my 'me' time. Never would I download any films to my comp *(he's getting on a bit) and I don't want to lumber him with any more applications and shit. The lure of the laptop is enticing me greatly. But I've faith in this old rattler yet. Sometimes, all he needs is a bit of a clear out and he complies better (bit like the cheaper-half!).

After a huge search, and some trial and error, I found a great site with no complications, no download and no sign-up. Just a click and you're off with the choice of two screen sizes. So tonight I'm regressing back into my musical youth and watching, in pure cheese 80's rock and roll, Some Kind Of Wonderful, with Eric Stoltz, hair as ginger as the title colour. Takes me back to my first kiss, with you, Robert McMillan, you balding ex-lothario, you........


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Snippet (32)

I often see signs like this when I'm out and about:
Honestly, this kind of slanging must do some damage to their confidence.....! What makes it worse is that these signs are found near schools and busy suburban areas. If it's better grades society wants out of  kids, then this shock tactic ain't gonna work.......!