Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Caress For Less

I'm into the habit now of trying to watch an online movie a night in my 'me' time. Never would I download any films to my comp *(he's getting on a bit) and I don't want to lumber him with any more applications and shit. The lure of the laptop is enticing me greatly. But I've faith in this old rattler yet. Sometimes, all he needs is a bit of a clear out and he complies better (bit like the cheaper-half!).

After a huge search, and some trial and error, I found a great site with no complications, no download and no sign-up. Just a click and you're off with the choice of two screen sizes. So tonight I'm regressing back into my musical youth and watching, in pure cheese 80's rock and roll, Some Kind Of Wonderful, with Eric Stoltz, hair as ginger as the title colour. Takes me back to my first kiss, with you, Robert McMillan, you balding ex-lothario, you........


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Steve E said...

Lena, hello! Told you I'd drop by...Hey I may be all wrong, but I laughed while reading your post, I think it is your style which bring more than smiles! Anyway, yes, I like your blog.

Glad to 'see' you again!