Saturday, 27 August 2011

Opting For........(POETS RALLY week 50)


Have you often been this acrid
You, the keeper of that tongue?
Lashing it so recklessly
With that little mood you swung

Stop being oh, so touchy
Stop delving in so deep
The whole world, ain't against you
It's the hours you chose to keep

It's a struggle, some requirements
Often have to change their path
Unexpected rings, and social flings
Familiar aftermath

Some excuses really are,
The truth, and so you see
Disappointment scales the plans
In which we can't foresee

No damn hidden agenda
No one's stabbed you in the back
Short notice comes in bouts at times
It's hard to keep on track

Tainting those in colours
With that tarry, tarry brush
Might end in sad extinction
If a heart you lamely crush

Some fib to spare a feeling
We've survived it at all before
But some in selfish attitude
Head you straight for the front door

Make a scene, by all means, honey
Scream and shout and stomp and curse
Is it worth it, these huge mountains?
If you tumble off headfirst?


bendedspoon said...

A common habit written with wit! The tongue that is combatant is on the losing end ;)

Friko said...

Did you actually have someone in mind when you wrote this?
I hoe they get the message.

Lena said...

Friko - I did! Helped me contend with an immature adult, who I could have went nuts at but instead penned my energies into this poem and left her to stew! Felt good as well!

Kim Nelson said...

Well... you did a great job making a very clear point, and poignantly too. A good write, this.

Dave King said...

I have a feeling that that last question could be a deeply philosophical one!

Amanda Moonfire Lim said...

Wow, this even trickles all the way to teenagers as well as adults. This is very well written - it really spoke to me!