Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Snippet (40)

All this Oscar buzz has reminded me of the finishing scenes from Titanic.  Kate Winslet (Rose) says to a young Leonardo Di Caprio:

"I'll never let go, Jack"

Next thing she prizes off his frozen hand from the makeshift buoy he's grasping and watches him sink to the bottom of the Atlantic!!

You'd think an experienced director like James Cameron would have spotted this quite brazen blooper before the film went on general release! 


Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday's Freakin' Dumbfoundin' Foto's

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday ( 7 )

This week's loves kinda goes like this:

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I'm loving...............

The Brit Music Awards! :

 The ceremony is being aired right now as I type but I leave it until I have the place to myself and enjoy it in peace via Catch Up!  My hopes for best single is Impossible  by James Arthuand album  Fall To Grace by Paloma Faith but I think Adele will scoop up as ruddy usual!

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 These crazy shoes! :

 Pure genius!  We Scotswomen eventually come to rely on tartan shopping trollies for future survival.  Wearing these novelty shoes before corns, bunions and ingrown toenails take us down,  is a fabulous weaning idea indeed!

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These 'ikkle baby vests! :


Isn't it wonderful to inflict your musical passions on babies?  And they never complain about it!  I can't wait to start baby shopping.  Fingers crossed that my daughter's fertility treatment is successful this time!

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This song and video! :

Just come across this by chance and now I'm strangely drawn to it.  Hadn't heard of him before but I guess that's the beauty of Youtube skimming!

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 And finally..........Olivia! :

Found this snap in an old satchel in the attic and I'm delighted!  I thought I had lost it for good!   We were penpals from the age of 13 but lost touch around 15 years later.  Searches have been to no avail and I'd love to know if she kept following her ballerina heart. 

How are your loves doing this Wednesday?


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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday (6)

What I'm Loving this mid- Valentine's week:
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I'm Loving.................................

These Valentine nails:
                     (all glitzy, romantic or raunchy. What fun!)
 This cherub, chocolate candy dish! You eat the lot! :

For The Cheaper Half (a.k.a my hubby!) this remarkable edible bra consisting of meringue and chocolate! Sadly there were none in MY size!

 These internet leaked pictures of the 3 Ross's from Hotel India (this is the sort of thing they get up to when the producer turns his back. Not so hot now, eh, girls?):

  I'm loving this Valentine card:

British Comedy film  'I Give It A Year' (that I only watched to lust over 'America's'  Simon Baker - he's bound to be a citizen by now, surely?!)

And if you're a little undecided about it, perhaps this clip of Stephen Merchant making his best man speech will tempt you!:

 And finally I'm Loving:

My very own Valentine's baby. He was the best Valentine's pressie I could have asked for. And I didn't even need to unwrap him!  Happy 24th Birthday for tomorrow, Ross!  Loving ya....!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Snippet (40)

These permanent markers are a swizz!  I bought one just  3 weeks ago, and the bloody thing has run out.  Permanent my arse!