Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Rythm Of Life

Despite the drums showing in this video still, this post is about domestic violance. It is very disturbing and is an experiment to test today's society. Sometimes, I'm ashamed to be human.


00dozo said...

It's incredible what some people will put up with and what they won't. Truly, a "wake-up call" post.

auntiegwen said...

I work with people who've suffered domestic violence every day at work. It's evil. xxx

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I'm ashamed too-you would think they would do SOMETHING wouldn't you??

Lena said...

I had an abusive first marriage. Back in the 80's it was considered 'a domestic' - especially by the police.

Even the neighbours below us ( a couple in their late fifties that we made friends with) didn't want to know - well, they knew all right. Said I could use her phone if I wanted, but never ever called the police themselves. If they had I might not have had to endure all the blows. But they also told me in no uncertain terms that if anyone asked, they would say they heard nothing, or just got back.

Of course, my hubby always apologised and 'made it up to us' (me and my daughter) in some extravagant way, so he got us a puppy. A few weeks later the little thing tried to jump the safety gate and hurt it's paw in the process - yelped quite loudly - and my lovely neighbours were at my door within seconds asking if it was alright. Don't get me wrong - I love animals, and Rocky was alright - but it felt fairly insulting that my pet's welfare was valued above my daughter's and mine. Thank God the law has changed immensely since those times. It's a shame some attitudes haven't.