Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mugger Off!!

This morning, around ten o'clock, my husband was mugged. What was the thief after? The very HAT on his head.

Patiently Trevor was listening to his iPod waiting on the lights to permit him to cross the road. Next thing he knew he felt a punch to the back of his head and a lad around 20 ran off with his hat. The little shit turned and gave my hubby the V-sign for added insult. His 'friends' picked him up in a van along the road.

What gets me is that this was an act of sudden circumstance. They've taken into account that as my hubby was the only pedestrian to cross, was listening to music and not quite a spring chicken, their impromptu plan worked.

The police are at least looking into it. If the guys in the van aren't local, they may not be aware of all the CCTV surrounding the very spot where the mugging happened. It's only a few yards away from the primary school and shopping precinct so there's a chance they might nail the culprits. If they are local, then they've got some bottle. Makes you wonder what else the bastards would consider on impulse.

 The hat was really my son's and he paid £40 for it, it had a logo so the thief knew it was a brand name. I know it's hardly the crime of the century, but it's the assault and shock that angers me more than the loss. He's a decent bloke my hubby and didn't deserve it. Time I got the knitting needles looked out.

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