Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Say What....?!

Old fashioned names are back in style. I quite like Emilia, Florence, and Winifred for new girl babies. All names that can be abbreviated or derived. I also like George, Alfred, and Joseph for boys for they too, can be adjusted to suit modern times. Even my own name, Helena, has lots of derivatives to it. I was named after my grandmother Helena (a sour-faced old bint, apparently!). Over the years my family has refered to me accordingly, as the decade suited. The 'a' was dropped in the 60/70's, so I went through my school years as simply, Helen. I now prefer the shortened version of Lena, from my birth name but the nicknames have scunnered me over the years. Nelly, Tiger-Lill and Elly are just a few I've been lumbered with! I'm too old to protest now!

I really don't mind some of the modern names, circa 90's/00's. Madison, Taylor, Chealsea, Tallula, are all names I've heard from modern mums with babies. I'm not always sure if it's a girl or a boy either, but I've felt it impolite to ask. But when I heard THIS name, I thought it was a wind-up! My friend assures me it is true. Her friend named her little boy Wisdom-Jones! This as a Christian name! The first thing that sprung to mind when I heard it was Native America, where such like names are fitting. But this little lad is English and will be attending a mainstream school in a few years. Lest they cut that name severely to Jo, I can't see this little bugger getting away with a title like that. People laugh at it but the mum is proud apparently, but kids will be kids.

I suppose the breed that do get away with things like this are celebrities. I mean we have Apple, Romeo and Princess (she's not!) Tiiami's in the papers and it won't matter to them what stupid bloody label they carry! I actually quite like Brangelina's daughter! Shilo Pitt. I wonder if the parents considered what that'll sound like spoonerized!

So modern parents - feel free to look for the unique, other cultures' names ect. Just don't pin a ridiculous name on the little bundle that'll be heavier to carry than a builders hod! It's the one humphing it about all the time!

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