Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Really...? Go On? Kidding...?

Not that it will impress or even be known to many, but my son called two hours ago to say that the Scottish band, Deacon Blue, (big in the late 80's early 90's in Britain but rebanded a few years ago) is recording in the same studio as his band is today. A fairly big deal for a local band on the climb.

But weirder still, the lead singer of Deacon Blue is called Ricky ROSS. There are 3 ROSS's in Casino.  Casino are recording LOADED GUN, and Deacon Blue had a hit single called LOADED. They both booked the studio within an hour of each other and from what I've heard both bands are getting hammered on the Special Brew right now. Well, maybe not that last bit....

A little bit of odds going on there....don't call themselves Casino for nothing, you know!!

And here's Deacon Blue's biggest hit.  REAL GONE KID.  What Scottish house doesn't stomp to this one at New Year..??


auntiegwen said...

I saw the reformed McIntyre and Ross at Cadogan Hall 18 months ago, still sounded like themselves

Luke said...

Been some time since i heard this i was a kid in the late 80s but i remember the tune

Lena said...

Gwen - they were really friendly apparently - went out for a ciggie with each other ect. But PrettyBoy, being his usual, glaikit self said to Lorraine...." were you an alki in River City?"

Luke - it's one of those tunes you've no chance of forgetting. I think it'll take a lot of folk back!