Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday Snippet (26)

I love a weekend film - duvet and popcorn added - but it got me to thinking......How is it, despite all the millions of dollars spent on special effects, no Hollywood film has ever been able to produce a 'waking up' shot, where the character looks as fucked up as I do at seven in the morning......? Costs next to nothing to duplicate drool...!!


00dozo said...

Ha! This reminded me of a movie with Julia Roberts wherein she wakes up in the morning, still wearing makeup AND mascara (without nary a smudge under her eyes), and almost perfect hair! I can't remember the name of the movies, though.

Lena said...

heh heh.....what a brilliant cake! My twin's a cake dresser. Does all the footery icing figure and flowers and stuff but I'd rather have your one. It was the 'candle standing in a lump of chewing gum' effect that won me over...!!