Thursday, 3 March 2011

Timeless Tarnish

You stood for lorn against the wall
in the age of water and oils.
Saw time expand, mellow and grand
as you 'tocked your outer toils.

Speechless, though a talking point
to everyone who entered.
Mahogany with golden trim
gracefully you tenured.

A solid base that held you still
proudly and erect.
Yet ticked away your own demise
oblique, willful neglect.

For all the eyes you catered for
and all the ears that listened.
Anointed with a soothing base
denied your right to glisten.

For who cares for a time piece
that calls past Centuries? 
Not quite fitting in a plan
with adequate degree

You stood there proudly serving
till the young hereditary
Chose digital and lazer beams
domestical contrary.

Alas you wait with artifact
collections in the attic.
To be destroyed, nil and void,

Farewell my timeless beauty,
finite in its clutch.
Oh, the stories you could tell
without hands or Newtons touch


Anonymous said...

SOunds like my grandfather clock
I wind it up & love it. I remember it lulling me to sleep when I was little at my grandparents.
Thank you!

Winterwood said...

oh those timeless time pieces... I love them and your poem also!

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

elegant capture of the clock.
sad ending, well penned.

Happy Rally.

Celestial Dreamz said...

so well penned. loved reading.

JL Dodge said...

My grandfather clock agrees with you !! LOL
Happy Rally !

Chim's World of Literature said...

this was write sumtin about a clock and make it sound like its life or time slipping away, that is what i grasp from ur poem..
happy rally

here is my link;

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Awesome poem. Everyone can relate...

Anonymous said...

love this! here's my wk 39..

Lolamouse said...

I remember the grandfather clock at my grandmother's house. I loved it! It was a cuckoo clock too! I miss those old beauties!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem, brilliantly rhymed, greatly enjoyed.
The Lonely Recluse.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem, brilliantly rhymed, greatly enjoyed.
The Lonely Recluse.

Anonymous said...

Very elegant and lovely rhymes! Leaves me in hope that this innocent antique clock will somehow avoid destruction ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved the flow!

Anonymous said...

Creating poems out of daily-used yet neglected stuff does feel good. I remember once I wrote a poem on a dustbin when I was in standard ninth in school. :P

Anonymous said...

Beautiful timne less poem!

Stafford Ray said...

It might be past it but its past isn't past it. Its time will come!

Anonymous said...

Ah, those majestic clocks, back when time had weight and position and we took things more slowly. nice!

Anonymous said...

Such a comment on what we do to the old ways. Discard and replace with digital newness. Sad.

Vinay said...

my grandfather has such a timeless beauty of a grandfather clock too :) no attic for it, it stands proudly in his room..! :) a lovely verse, Lena!

Here's My Poem For Poets Rally

okoatokewa - the poet said...

I think I will say hey hey too, mastery uses of words and terms, a great piece of creative art.

Emily said...

beautiful, the sound of consonants in your words create their own rhythm.

debi said...

Sometimes we leave behind the best stuff.

anjum artwriter said...

rhythmic story -enjoyable poetry

patcegan said...

Lovely write. It helped me remember the clock on the mantle of my grandmother's loud and somehow, reassuring. Nice to meet you. Here is the link for my entry for the rally:

Hugs, pat