Monday, 28 September 2009

Pratt Of A Cat Paw-dditions.......!

I've been clearing out my online photo albums and pictures that have been there for years started to appear again the more I deleted. Mostly (as much of a lambasting the cheaper-half gives me for snapping him!) of my older ginger cat, Simon. He's the cat I have loved most ever, in my history of catty pets. Loving , soft natured, talented (he can talk to you as future pictures will show!) and the biggest PRATT of a moggie I know. So, I've decided that at the end of future blogs here. - I'll be posting additional pictures of just how stupid (and funny) this animal has been over the years - apart from Sundays which will be solely for Sunday Snippets! Simon I love, you but sometimes.....................

PRATT OF A CAT - example 1

1. Never sneak in and bunk up beside the kettle because it's warm - you know you're not allowed and almost die, as your head hangs down almost cutting off your air supply when you're in slumberland...................................Pratt!


VioletSky said...

Why do cats like to sleep with their heads hanging over a ledge, or leg, or bunched up laundry, like that? I do wonder how they can breathe!
Have you ever seen Simon's Cat? those videos are hilarious.

Lena said...

OMG! A coincidence in name! I haven't, but I'll certainly check the link out now! My Simon was named after me favourite drummer!

Maggie May said...

To say nothing of him being right next to a kettle. How come they love to sleep like that with their heads dropping down?!

Anonymous said...

Awww, he's adorable!!!
I've always wanted a cat, but my parents have always been dog people
Now that I'm out on my own, maybe a little kitty's in the picture

And thank for the birthday wishes! <3 <3

Lena said...

Kitty's - loving, loyal and toilet trained - everything a man isn't!