Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Booby Trap

I have to admit, I was a successful breast feeder. I managed to feed all three of them, but only until around the 6 months mark. That was pure choice on my own behalf. I felt it was long enough and when the piranha affect kicked in (teeth!) it got a bit on the gritty side. So from there on it was rubber in the gob when it came to milk.

In antenatal classes, the midwife tries to convince you that the size of the breast doesn't matter, it's the amount of time the baby suckles that's important. Oh, and that breast-fed babies tend to sleep less, in fact, 2 hours at the most in the first month, so be prepared for extreme tiredness but think of the baby's future advantages, blah, blah, blah. Well, I hate to differ, but I'm going to!

My babies slept all night from very early ages. Kerri was 6 weeks (and from a previous marriage) Ross, 11 DAYS, (he had to be the show off) and Adam from 3 weeks. And I think it may have been because I have a huge pair of bazooka's!

This is by no means a brag, don't get me wrong, they've served their purpose and I'd whittle the bastards away if I came into some money coz they have also been the bane of my life - especially as a teenager. But I sincerely believe it was the size that helped, too. God, I used to wake every morning and they were like rocks because the milk built as the babies slept all night. The letdown reflex was like a lightening zap, but I managed to express a bottle's worth, in the mornings so the hubby could give a feed at night. This may all have been down to sheer luck, but when more and more ladies from the clinic meetings were having to give up, I felt that their poor little norks may have had something to do with it.

I know breast feeding's not for every one and I personally don't believe your kid'll turn into a superhero if it is. Healthy and happy is utmost however nutrition is consumed. God, I'd rather see a baby being bottle fed than some of the outrageous exhibitionists I've seen over the years. I always managed to find some public privacy while feeding my baby, people are fairly spare-room tolerant no matter where your travels take you. I've seen some mums virtually swinging them about on picnics and so forth, when being discreet isn't all that difficult. But I suppose the worst sight in the world to me, is a pregnant woman smoking. Mind you, Adam's first Xmas was the first time I had had a glass of wine in over a year. But that choochy wee face looks like it's looking forward to his next feed a little more than usual. Alcopoppet!


Maggie May said...

I think there is some truth in the fact that breast fed babies don't sleep as well. It proved right in my case!
I think women should be able to feed babies in public but I agree..... not swing 'em about all over the place. Be discreet!
Six months of breastfeeding seems adequate, I think, though I know others go on for years!
Love that photo of the Christmas babe!

Lena said...

He does have the look of mischief about him but we really know it's just wind!

Gloria said...

Love this post. It bought back so many memories especially the pirahna effect . . . lol!!! Love the little christmas hat/fez look, bless!!

Am gonna sign up and follow you 'cos this blog looks like fun! Hope you'll pop over and have a look at my blog . . I think you'll like it!!

Will be back for a longer read. See you soon!