Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Casino - Studio Students Get High!

Some may not know, but I love music. Not too many genre's. I hate R&B, metal, rap, dance (that the fucking most!) country and keech, and if I've offended anybody here, sorry, but I'd rather shove wasps up my arse than listen to it.

Now, I suppose I have to be biased here, but my son Ross's band, Casino are great! Their songs on myspace are few and mainly cover Indie sounds but with a great British feel to them. Other tracks that haven't yet been recorded (due to studies, work and almost constant gigging) are nonetheless brilliant. My particular favourite is A Little Bit Longer, which takes on a sleazy sound with minimal "shoop shoop's" and cheeky pauses in - one feels inclined to go shag a priest after hearing it. It has wonderful illicit words and tones. Sodom and Gomorrah is pure rock but not to heavy, with lines like "the sound of the circus, is causing confusion" is mind-boggling but it fits. And the quirky, All In The Making, takes me back to my early 80's youth. So they're no one-trick pony's! However, their newest song, Creeper, (about a one night stand gone wrong) is the one that gets me the most excited (no shagging thoughts involved here!). It's just phenomenal. Right now I don't think it fits into any category just surpasses typical local band sounds.

I spent a huge amount of time with my son's last band, The Valentines , his high school/first year college band and - with the help of my exceptional neighbours, Liz and Tam who happily endured all their practice sessions and went to gigs - they won their regional Battle Of The Bands contest, beating 138 other local bands! And one of the lead singers was a duff-noter! Their tracks even made it into our county's, Stirling Rocks CD, which is compiled by the council for the best music locally around! They also were the only band to have TWO tracks on the song list. The feeling of going into a renowned record store (HMV) and lift a CD with your son's band in it - (and announce it quite loudly if you're with a friend!) - it's quite exhilarating.

This week end my younger son, Adam, will be recording his first demo with his band (he's the drummer, too!) No Need For Idols and they'll be entering the same competition The Valentines, did. I'm out for a second win here, too!

So, I'm glad I inflicted music on my sons. Glad that I built up the confidence I lacked. Happy that it was obviously in their blood. And even happier that now, the lyrics and music flow independently from them. What I didn't expect was that I would be constantly attending their gigs. And little do they know that I've got tee-shirts made with their bands' name on the front and "Mumma of the Drumma" on the back so their fans know who the old fogey elbowing the fuck out of teenagers faces to get to the front, is!

Casino's latest video The High is just to the right on the side profile. Remember to double click for the bigger pic!


Maggie May said...

I was brought up with music. My parents loved classical music and played it all the time but I appreciate most types of music now.
Must be great sharing with a drummer son in a band!

I laughed at your last post! I don't much care for cooking either! it is done out of necessity to prevent starvation!

MarmiteToasty said...

All I remember growing up was bloody Shirley Bassey LOL......

I love it that 2 of me lads are band members and can play most instruments.... I use to play the piano for a while as a child in secret at school without my parents knowing lol but the nice music teacher left and so the lessons in my lunch times stopped.....

and with a name like mine how could I not have at least a couple of me lads with musical ability....

like your lad, two of mine are drummers :) sod the neighbours right LOL

Ive glad I found this here other site of yours :)

GOOD LUCK to your lads with their bands etc......


Lena said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, ladies.

Maggie - I've actually a nephew who has just started Chethams School as a classical musician. My dad would have been so proud of him. I remember playing The Blue Danube with him as a child, until the Bay City Roller took away loyalties!

And Toasty - I had to laugh when you said sod the neighbours! My neighbours go nuts if they HAVEN'T heard the boys play in a while. They are ever so supportive. Old school punk and metal rockers! Come to see the boys play often!