Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday 9


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Saturday 9: I'll Be There for You (1995)

1) This song begins with, "So no one told you life was gonna be this way …" What do you wish you knew five years ago about your life now?    That an old health problem would return. Then again, no preparation makes surgery less scary!

2) This is, of course, the theme from Friends, which is frequently shown back-to-back on TVLand and TBS. Have you ever "binge-watched" a show, catching episode after episode?  Oh, yes.  The Mentalist.  Can't get enough Simon Baker!  I also watch both series of Nighty Night in a night!

3) On the show, Monica and Rachel shared a beautiful 2BR/2BA Soho apartment with a private balcony. It's estimated that such a pad would cost at least $3500/month in today's real-life New York. Describe your dream home. Honestly?  Also an apartment with a balcony but one where I can sit and eat breakfast still in my pyjamas and wave at all the cars going by!

4) Of the six main characters, only Chandler was an only child. Do you have any siblings?   I certainly do. Three older brothers, a twin sister and a little sister.

5) Gunther was the barista at Central Perk, the coffee shop where the Friends hung out. He had an ongoing, unrequited love for Rachel. Are you crushing on anyone right now? Does he/she know?   I experienced unrequited love at high school.  I wasn't good enough for him to talk to.  Life threw us together again 25 years later and we found it all rather funny.  But crushes?  Too old and married to bother about them!
6) Currently Matt ("Joey") LeBlanc stars in the Showtime series Episodes, playing a character named Matt LeBlanc. If there was going to be series based on your life, who would play you?  Gee, that's a difficult one.  I think Jennifer Saunders would be a reasonable match.

7) Courtney Cox, who portrayed Monica, has the Twitter handle @CourtneyCox and has 628,000 followers. What was your last tweet?  I've never tweeted. Find it all a bit confusing and pointless. Works fine for others, though.

8) The creators of Friends were massive soap opera fans. They named their characters after recurring characters on All My Children* and had Joey appear on Days of Our Lives. Have you ever been hooked on a daytime drama?   I never miss Judge Judy.  Some of the best drama is in reality!

9) The band who performed this song, The Rembrandts, took their name from the famous Dutch painter. Can you see any artwork from where you're sitting right now? Tell us about it (and yes, a school painting by your 7-year-old nephew counts).   I have a drawing of a woman saying grace at the dinner table.  A friend from Israel whom I met on a music forum sketched it of her sister.  It's very dear to me.



The Gal Herself said...

I LOOOOVE Judge Judy! She gets to say out loud what I'm only thinking, and she has the power to back it up.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

My hubby watches Judge Judy every day! I agree, too old and married for crushes (except a couple celebrity ones).

Zippi Kit said...

You are a twin! I hope it was fun growing up. My twins certainly had fun with it.
Oooo.. Judge Judy. She is fun but I don't get to see her very much.