Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday Tunes

This week's  ♫ Tuesday Tune ♫ choice was a no brainer!  In gratitude and respect of helping raise a huge heap of cash (still counting - final sum-to-come!) for a Children For Lourdes charity (more info thisaway.) I give you No Need For Idols with their classic hit Wasted City.

Those who can be arsed to sift down my blogs' sidebars to get the gist of just how stable and mature I am, will have noticed other songs by the same band from time to (all the) time. Please give the song at least a bit of a listen. It's really a pretty decent little rock ballad.

  The NNFI  guys study, work, write and rehearse hard then make magical, musical gestures by way of charity and awareness gigs. They perform each Christmas in Scotland's only woman's prison too. Truth be known I'm proud of them and I'm the Mumma of the Drumma. Here's the guy's from Saturday in the stadium before it all kicked off!

                No Need For Idols sporting their new shorter hair cuts!  If you're a Facebooker, it'd be nice if you could give the guys Bandpage a 'Like' without the need to follow.  It would pass as a bitsy little round of appreciative applause Emoji ....thanxz.... Emoji..!


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Anonymous said...

You need to give Tuesday Tunes a by - they don't return the visits. It's rude!