Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Snippet (42)

I just watched a programme about diabetes on the Home and Health channel.  Dr. Hilary Jones (that's a bloke, btw) told us that there are currently 3 million sufferers in the UK and the figure is set to rise by 2025 to 4 million. Well,...a good, caring doctor he may be but he's clearly rubbish at maths.



Jon said...

I have always believed that these so-called "experts" either make up numbers or pull them out of a proverbial hat.

I recently saw an ad here in the U.S. that claims two thousand children die of "second-hand" cigarette smoke every day!!! That's bull crap.

Anonymous said...

Eh, how does this work exactly? I'm not quite sure.

Helena said...

Tssssss! When is a Snippet ever serious? Read it again but focus on the 2025 as a year still to come! Geddit...?? Doh..........LoL