Saturday, 24 March 2012

Never In Mind

Never was one willing,
 shading colours from the day
Hues in all their glory
 as the sea bobbed them away

Never was one calmer, 
  listening to bows and hush
Where luminous bounced off the streets
  in mad and virtual rush

Never was one sinking
 as they looked up to the skies
Captivating diamonds 
 hosted under midnight guise

Never was one more inclined
 to meet up after dark
Slipping out to greet the moon
 and count the ripple marks


icyhighs said...

Did you write this? I don't usually 'get' poetry but this is ace. Especially love the last stanza, I almost feel like running out and heading for the lake. Its about 1 am here, so probbaly safe to skinnydip too.

Anonymous said...

i like the captivating diamonds

Other Mary said...

Helena, what a very delicate and artfully written piece. Love your phrasing, esp. in the opening and closing stanzas.

Lolamouse said...

Ooh, so romantic and a little naughty methinks! Love it!

Helena said...

I'm not really into romantic verse but there was not really any other way to go with this pic! Thank you all the same.

Anonymous said...

ultra romantic. the repetition
adds to the flavor.