Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tut Tut......Whatever Next...?

Now - as you know, I NEVER  brag about either of my sons' bands.  The words Hotel India or No Need For Idols  rarely leave my lips..........!  So I'm making up for it via fingers........

First and foremost,  NO NEED FOR IDOLS are making their King Tuts Debut soon.  For those who may not be up on Scottish venues, King Tuts is thee ultimate stage that an unsigned band can grace their material upon.  They are sharing the spot with signed band The Banter Thiefs but I'm pretty sure that if ticket sales keep roaring, NNFI could steal the top slot from them!  These guys not only provide great tunes but great showmanship as well.

I am double-blessed, however.  This will be my second visit to a band there.  Hotel India (my oldest sons' band) graced the same stage at New Year two years ago when they were still Casino....and here's what a drummer looks like after an hour's slot at King Tuts......:

ps.......anyone linking on to the bands via this page's link is free to click the 'like' bit on facebook. Free demo's will be given on request and each 'like' gets a pound donation to charity.


                              Get To 'F'

 As some may know, I appreciate it when Friday comes and I get to F. Even better if you get to eff with me. So this week's topic relating to F is feckin' faeries.  Another little sprite is waiting (as per)on my other blog. Check her out!! 


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