Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Snippet (36)

Just because Russell Crowe is a fat, cantankerous,  pain-in-the-arse, doesn't make him a bad actor.  It's his acting that does that!



The Tame Lion said...

Cool! ;)

Anonymous said...

thought you liked Australian men??

Anonymous said...

This is true. :]

Steve E said...

Helena, I admit I'm here because you visited and commented on 4th Dimension.

HOWEVER...this Sunday Snippet thing about Russell Crow is funny-funny, and added to the shine of my day.

You may not realize that I LOVE humor--grin! (Thank you.)

and, sure...PEACE for you! EVERY day.

Helena said...

Ah, thanks, Steve. I do loads of similar Sunday Snippets ect. I can't live without humour. It's vital to survival with me being the only female in the house! x.x

StyleDestino said...

thats so right, why are we so stuck up sometimes on appearances :)