Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Curious Crinkles Of Helena's Hands

Passing yesterday afternoon, as the boys on a rare day together were downstairs fixated on some juvenile computer game, I logged on to my favorite illegal free movie channel and watched for the first time, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 

Totally engrossed, I put my hand up to scratch my nose and shit myself when I saw loads of deep, and I mean, deeep wrinkles over my fingers and palm, only to remind myself that I had been watching the film with a hot water bottle tightly squeezed between my hands and knees. Mind you, given the nature of the film, I should really have been relieved.........I hate computer games.


Naqvee said...

hehe.. I could feel how your hands must have looked when wrinkled and crinkled as few nights back I slept with hot water bottle near my feet and when i felt bad heat I saw my feet turned brownish and too wrinkly as if I was some 86 year old granny though I am only 24:)


Helena said...

lol......as a wee girl I used to like coming out of the bath after a very long soak and be fascinated by the prune-like effects my finger tips went! Now I buy cream to try and keep the wrinkles away for real....!

Dave King said...

You say... but I think you're secretly coming round. Either that or you don't realise how much you like them - really.

Helena said...

......I suppose they're growing (up/on) me..........lol