Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Release Of The Boy

It's here at last. The 4th video from Casino (you know, the band that every other band fucking hates) made to accompany their new, tender melody. For newer readers, Casino is the band my son is the drummer of.

This time, however, as this song is mostly acoustic, he all but shakes a wee sole egg-maraca throughout.  Which was an extremely hard thing to maintain, as with most drummers it is paramount to do a hairy and give a manic rendition, similar to the flailing of Animal from the Muppets, before the start of every song.

In the video, the Wurlitzer that the lead singer and Jack-of-all-fingers (keyboard, guitar, tambo, flute, kazoo - you name it he plays it) is plunking, is one of only 10,000 left in the world, so that little bit of history is captured nicely. In a beautiful song that is easy on the ear and age-gap friendly.

Formatting of the film is created for an oldish feel about it, oh, and look out for a fleeting appearance from George Harrison on Ouija board.  It's amazing what appears under correct lighting these days. And, in true Casino style, they dedicate a tribute of a daft fleeting 'sneer' the lead guitarist made at the end, only he don't know that yet!  What use is music if it can't be fun? Enjoy.


auntiegwen said...

Not too shabby are they? I can't take any credit for Hot Boy or his band I'm afraid but they are doing ok at the mo, hoping to get on one of the BBC Introducing stages at a festival this year. They did a lot of handing out free CD demo's before their London gigs too, hope Casino get a break too

Lena said...

It's a tough business, Gwen, but if some still seek fame in their 40's, then there's plenty of time for the boppers, as long as they keep the passion, but it's hard with uni, work and so on.

I'm hoping to catch The Dixies at 20 Rocks sometime, it's a great little pub for local artists, often impromptu. PrettyBoy was at their last show and said they were really good. He was too shy/not drunk enough, to go up and ask Neil if he remembered him.

You never know, we might end up with that fitted kitchen and house with a balcony yet!!


chiccoreal said...

Dear Helena: Casino is tight! I have always loved drummers, Peter Tork, Ringo, etc. Your son is amazing on the drums. Love the "sound" of Casino...very pro! Yes, we are a Musical family here too; so feigned flowers farout! Yah, a Very cool band!

Lena said...

...they'll be delighted to hear that.