Sunday, 29 May 2011

Get It Right Up Ye.........!

Plastic Elastic 

I was surfing through cable guff last night and came across a programme on beauty and vanity ect.   One  subject of the show was 48 year-old Mariam, whom had spent more than £20,000 on lifts and tucks over the years. There was a HUGE difference, she was wrinkle free and taut but cocked up the whole effect by still sporting an eighties bubble perm and last decade clothes.  Now she was no more than a younger looking obvious old dear. For £20,000 I'd have wanted to be asked what year at high school I was in!!

But the political overview alerted that more money was spent on boob jobs and viagra per year than on research into Altzheimers disease - a condition the programme picked at random to compare, I hope. Otherwise there's a chance by 2045 that the elderly will mostly have perky tits and stiff todgers but no fucking idea why!

ps.....I'll stick to my dedicated and timely twice a day rinse with Dove soap and be happy to one day fling my boob over my shoulder while I scour away with a buffer!


Friko said...

This very funny!
I don't often laugh out loud. but I did at your picture of the 80 yr old Alzheimer contestant suffering from absenteeism.

The Tame Lion said...

Funny! Cool!
No matter what it is, we all are here to love you, to support you.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

By the way thank you for posting my button on yer bloggy. I'm feel totally honoured!!!!

♥ yer face off.