Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Each Wednesday I aim to bring a celebrity / well known bloke or gal and rip the star right out of them - via pictures.  We ALL have our off days although I'm sitting here with make-up, hair done and matching outfit (hair scraped back, dressing gown with egg down it and cold feet)  so I thought it would be fun to give the Wednesday treatment to our world of glam, and reveal their bit of common...

 I'll start it off with my very own fantasy bloke. Voted the handsomest man in the world (and I'm confident the galaxy) Simon Baker.   It's nice to see your lustings are prone to the same ruddy treatment from the sun....!

WOW! - how to do that beach thang > 

WOE....!! How not to do it > (I'd still apply the after-sun on him , like...)


 And as we know and usually love him.


auntiegwen said...

I'm still in my navy blue and pink polka dot fleece jammie bottoms, blue fleece jammie top and I have a fleece balnket wrapped around me, I look pure dead brilliant so I do!!!!

Lena said...

My comrade in fleece! D'you think we might be aenemic, (what with this glorious sun-to-come) or simply Scottish?