Sunday, 24 April 2011

Time To Flow Home

My twin sister, as well as my best friend, are going through the menopause right now. In a sense I'm lucky, as a rushed hysterectomy took away all my womany bits when I was 29 and I can tell you now - I haven't once missed my womb.  For almost 20 years now,  I've not needed a pillow-sized-gusset panty pad to see me through the day / next hour and it's been a pleasure.  Anyhow - we were on the subject of menstruation and mood swings.

She told me about this gay couple (one was her bridesmaid) who synchronised their menstrual cycles so they'd cope with the shit-side of monthlies together. They were going through crockery like a Greek wedding serving Angel Dust kebabs before, not to mention dents in the wall and broken CD's!  Now, trying to convince a doctor that a lesbian and her girlfriend want to go on the contraceptive pill is trying enough, but it took 3 GP opinions for this request to be backed. WTF..?

I'm lucky, I found suitable HRT  (after a few months). I can tell you now, it is not a pleasant sight to watch a friend or relative take hot, violent flushes out of the blue and turn into psycho in under a minute, especially if in the next minute they're accompanied by an urgent parting of the red sea. Bloody shame, if you ask me...!


00dozo said...

You know what's worse? Getting hot flashes in the summer while living in a hot and humid climate with no a/c, particularly when you hate the heat to begin with. AAAaaaaahhhh!

Ha! Love the 'toons!

Stafford Ray said...

I have envied women a few things over the years, but never menstruation or menopause. Both a pain in the butt!
My sympathy to Sis!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I can't to hit menopause! urgh!

Lena said... are my very-most sympathetic friend....I, too, hate the ruddy heat..!! I actually have to plan holidays to suit in the cooler months - apart from weddings and such.....*tut*

Stafford - you're a perfect gentleman! Commenting on a woman's doo-daa bits and pieces and feeling it for us.

Gillian - I think you'll be more than capable to take on the 'pause - with steel toecaps and all! lol