Sunday, 10 October 2010

Why Can't They Just Pop Off......!

Okay. It's October. Seasonally, I'm getting happier. I'd be bloody delirious if the Scottish midge would sod off completely.  I hung a rather large washing out recently and the sun accompanied a warmish breeze. That's all it took. Out like Kamikaze's, diving for any pasty skin they could find. And the little gits did! We're getting a ground frost here in the land of scratch and they're still appearing. They have been sworn at in countless languages. They're bad for our tourism. Other countries' nasties pale them in size comparison but still the wee shits get their big bite kicks.

I remember many moons ago, during my college days, I worked in a fast food outlet. My friend and I used to take bets on what type of insect would be next to frazzle in the ultraviolet insect zapper. We tipped out a variety of bugs at the end of the night. Not once did a midge get singed.

Of course, I don't hate all insects, I'm fairly bee and wasp friendly (meaning I don't flap about like a loon in one's company) and a few are entertaining. House fly's make great targets with table tennis bats. 5 points for every dead one that hits the deck! I'll leave you with a song that I heard a long, long time ago. Every word is still as true! Have fun working some of the lyrics out...!


Oddyoddyo13 said...


Well, every place has it's insects I guess....Here, we have scorpions. Fun had by all let me tell you. :)

Lena said...

I'm the domestic spider-remover at home. Pick them up with my hands no probs. The boys' method of removal is battered with a book/shoe/sofa where I prefer a more humane outing.

I'll be honest, I'd need a cup with a scorpion....or maybe a book/shoe/sofa......