Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Long And Short Of It!

For the past two nights I had been trying unsuccessfully to watch a film free online, without downloading things wiff words that I don't understand, to my hard drive whatsit. Just a simple click and off I go. Despite having tried ALL of the suggestions from PrettyBoy (for new comers that's my older son!) nothing came about. This morning, before he scadoodled off to uni, he bet me that the film I wanted to watch again (Lolita 1997) he could get me online, free, with no great hassle. And he did. Within minutes. I was in such utter delirium that I promised him I'd buy him a new shirt on Thursday (as he needs more clobber to fill the laundry basket at uni - there's a prize for the biggest pile within a month!). He wanted a nice hooded, long-sleeved, checked shirt in grey and black if poss!

So, here I sat, loving my Nabokov adaptation and Lo(lita) and behold, at 72 mins a pop-up appeared, stopping the film saying I had expired my bandwith blah, blah, blah. Wanted dosh then, didn't they....? Cnuts! It said FREE...! I'll buy the DVD on Thursday *SIGH*

Oh, well. I suppose I did get enjoyment from what I did see if not the full version. A promise is a promise, though. On Thursday PrettyBoy gets a nice short-sleeved, plain black shirt! See how HE likes it.....Git!


Oddyoddyo13 said...

LoL! Did you use Megavideo? I know they do that...drives me insane because I think the last time I was on there I could only watch 54 minutes. How rude.

Lena said...

Thee VERY same one, Dani......! And I got a neck sprain to boot! Peas and Pods we be...!

Lisa said...

My son also has all these great things he can do online that for some reason I fail at.
I feel your pain.
I have Netflix now and so I can watch movies easier.
There are also the you tube things.
I had a link to some movie site that let me watch Candyman straight through but I lost it when I got a virus and I have not found it again.
(those were not connected: movie/virus. The virus came from a metafile download of NIN.)
ANYWAY. I hope that you finally got to see your movie.