Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I'm Buzzing.........!

Viola - I've managed to work out the chords to Green Day's, When September Ends, before GingerNut gets home from college (not that they were THAT difficult given the band!) but he said I wouldn't as it starts in G whereas I'm an A kinda girl. To boot he's buying pizza tonight since I won. Arse!

I actually wanted to learn the song, as a friend and neighbour's son has been accepted to join the army. He's been a mate to my kids all his life and I can't get over how grown up they all are. In January he's leaving home for full training so my boys want to see him off via lots of beer and we'll sing a few choice in honour of him. I know my heart will wrench when I see him in his gear. Just as long as his spirits are like this guy's, he'll be fine:

Good Luck with the slang!

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Oddyoddyo13 said...

Oh YES. He should definitely be more like THAT guy...there's NO WAY he can go wrong.

(Note: tons of sarcasm were just used.)

It's really sweet of you guys to sing to your kid's friend! Here's wishing him luck!