Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Blogging Chris Lilley....!!

My son Adam bought me a comedy video for my birthday in January. I had never seen or heard of the writer/actor, Chris Lilley before - who stars in it - as he is Australian. The show is a mockumentary situated in an Australian public high school Summer Heights High. It follows the every day events of 3 members of it.

Jonah - a remedial 13 year-old, mother-fucker-of-a-nightmare scholar!
Mr.G - an egotistical, effeminate drama teacher.
Ja'mie - a private school exchange student.

Rarely have I watched a show that's pushed (and even crossed) boundaries as such. It has the right amount of comedy and pathos that ticks all my boxes when it comes to laughs and life. What makes it even more wonderful for me is that if you remove Chris Lilly for a bit, you'd actually think you were watching a serious documentary. The script and actors surpass other shows, easy! Thank you, Adam for buying me this DVD. Ain't it great when you bring to the front older comedies for the kids and they bring to light what's a huge hit for them and eventually you!

Anyhow, as it's his birthday today, I'll leave a clip of each character from the show. And these clips are mild to some I could have chosen:


Anonymous said...

...funnily enough...it was my birthday too!

Jannie Funster said...

Australians are wickedly good fun! Can't wait until I visit there finally.


P.S. Did Moggie get Prozac?? :)

Gloria said...

Lol!!!!! I'm definitely going to have to see this film in its entirety!

Have a great day Lena:-)

Lena said...

Funnily enough....I don't usually try to up rich mens' already huge bank balances, but I'd really hope you can get the videos, Gloria. I know you, in particular, would love them! And he's a down to earth guy, really.

Lena said...

Jannie - they said catnip would do the trick but it's bloody hard to find a feline dealer in this area.