Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Doctor, Jester and Slapped Backsides!

My son's dressing up for Halloween parties were pretty typical. I knew what to expect from my younger son, Adam. He is the funniest little scamp and always has been. So I was delighted when he chose his jesters outfit for his party!

With my oldest son and his pretty-boy looks, he had to draw the females so no horror masks for him! He opted for a gynaecologist outfit. It didn't surprise me in the slightest. When he picked up the headtorch and hadn't a clue where it was to go, I despaired. Ladies you'd be 'a fanny to let HIM near your fud!' Here's a couple of post party pics with girlfriend and mates. You'll know who is who...!

Pratt Of A Cat - example 7:
Always go for a shit directly BEFORE big sisses with kisses visit from London to annoy the living daylights out of you.............Pratt!


auntiegwen said...

My daughter went as a Scottish person, tartan mini skirt and high heels job done !

Lena said...

Clever lass! And no doubt an expert at the accent! Bet she was gorg!

Gloria said...

I was away for Halloween but your pics and blog kinda made up for that! And yes, I totally agree with your last paragraph lol!!!

Have a great Friday Lena and thanks for coming by and leaving me your nice comments whilst I was away:-)

Back off to bed now!!!