Saturday, 28 June 2014

Saturday 9 - I Feel The Earth Move

                        I Feel the Earth Move

If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.

This week's recommendation is from Blue Country Magic

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1) This song is from the album Tapestry, one of the all-time best-sellers (more than 25,000,000 copies sold worldwide). Is it in your collection?  Not mine, although I've heard of the album.  One of my older brothers is more likely to have it, though.

2) It's about that glorious passion you feel when you first fall for someone. How many times have you been in love?  Twice. It's something I recall from time to time when daft little associations jog my memory.

3) San Francisco radio stations briefly removed "I Feel the Earth Move" from their playlists after the 1989 earthquake. Have you ever been in an earthquake and literally felt "the earth move under your feet?  No earthquakes in Scotland but when my son and his band all practice in his room it gives me a little idea of what one may be like.

4) Carole King is the first and only woman to win the Gershwin Prize for songwriting from the Library of Congress. Here's your chance to brag a little -- tell us about an accolade you have received?  I really don't have anything too amazing to boast about, but I once raised money for a kid's cancer fund by singing and playing songs on my guitar for 24 hours.  The story ran in a few newspapers so I guess this covers as my accolade but charity money is raised in far more exciting and amazing methods, so consider this half a brag!
5) Carole wrote "You've Got a Friend," which was a mega hit for her good pal, James Taylor. King and Taylor have known one another for more than 40 years, but have never been romantically involved. Do you have any platonic friends of the opposite sex?  I think we all do, but as far as secrets and stories are concerned I usually choose same sex confidantes - particularly my neighbour Liz, next door.

6) Like more than 80% of the population, Carole is right handed. Are you right handed, left handed (10%) or that most rare of all, ambidextrous (less than 10%)?   My father was ambidextrous and my mother left-handed but I turned out one of that 80%.

7) One of Carole King's earliest hits was Little Eva's "The Loco-Motion." Little Eva was the teenager King hired to care for her young children. Tell us about a sitter who cared for you when you were little.  I remember Denny, who was the wife of one of my mother's old school friends. Robert was in his forties and the boss of the Barr's Soft Drinks Company while Denny was in her early twenties.  She was really funny and sweet, but had a hard time from meddlesome old ratbags who looked down on that sort of thing.  But apart from she, my family was so vast that a babysitter was easy to book.

8) Beautiful is the title of the Broadway play about Carole King's life. If we were producing your lifestory, what would you want us to call it?  It Wasn't Me!   I'm an identical twin and would love to have a book of our story from childhood to the present day published. It'd be dramatic enough - believe me!  I'm not too sure how a play would pan out though.

9) Carole wrote "Pleasant Valley Sunday," the Monkees' song about conspicuous consumption. When Crazy Sam looks at her crowded shelf of hair products (paraben-free conditioner, keratin-restoring conditioner, hair masque, hot oil conditioner …), she realizes she's guilty of it herself. Have you bought anything recently that you later decided was a waste of money?  Yeah - an under-wire bra. Even with a 'proper' fitting in a undies shop, I still get that wire digging into my ribs at some point down the line.  I'm thinking of replacing the wire with pipe cleaners. They're bendy but not so viscious.........

and there endeth my Q'd this week. Will be visiting you soon!



The Gal Herself said...

I *love* that you used your music to raise money and help someone in need. Good for you!

Smellyann said...

The music thing to raise money should make you prouder than it does. Hell, I'M proud of you and I hardly know ye!

Sandee said...

I love, love, love Carole King. Awesome work.

Have a fabulous day. :)

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