Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Google Plus A-Cunt!

I am so peed off!  My Youtube account no longer allows me to comment on comments!  No, I haven't been trollying or whatever (I've only ever been nice, except when coming across clips with Russell Crowe in them!) so I'm not banned or sanctioned or the likes.  Just pissed off that I can't comment on others' comments.

Now - I like to put in my tuppence-worth as much as any British gal, but it's the daft things like not being able to share guitar chords, or ask dumb questions, that I hate to miss out on!  But I'm not singled out - there are heap-loads more like me!  Apparently, it's a Google + problem.

The solution that seems to be working for others is to delete their + account and all associated features or content, then log back in again. But I don't know how this effects Blogger. So, after once accidentally deleting my blog before (from 2005-2007) I'm scared to try what seems to be working for the masses!
So, shit-guy - if you're in the same boat or chuffing train as me.......... HEEEEEEELP!


Hey Monkey Butt said...

cunt.... ha ha ... that's awesome, I don't see that word often enough really. It's my fav and makes me LOL every time I see it! :) Good luck lady and don't delete your blog (again) that would be no fun!!!

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Helena said...

Thanks, Doria! Still haven't worked it out yet!

Thankyou for my Pakistani Blessing! I'm still not any closer to a solution. Perhaps you could pray for me???

Steve E said...

Conversation between little Peep and parent who just woke up from a 2-hour nap:

"Mommie, what is a cunt?"

Hey Helena...dunno if God is really concerned whether I can post comment responses on U-Tube--grin!!!!!

But I'll pray that you suffer NO stress over it all. OK? (Now, watch. Sunday will be the most stressful day you've ever experienced. So maybe I stop praying? LOL!

Love your attitude, girl! Thanks for stopping by at 4th Dimension.


Helena said...

Yay! It's now working! Me and my smart-arsed titles, Steve! Didn't think little chaps would be reading my blog! Apologies!

Nah, I know it ain't the end of the world (we've a few months left before that!) but there's so much nicety on youtube, too! Music is my religion and I've discovered loads of new material and old songs I thought I'd heard the last of after everything went CD! Be like me, Steve - and keep the faith! I do. Even if it is only 3 chords throughout!