Saturday, 28 July 2012

~ Eat Up, Then ~

I do believe that the title of anything should speaks for the rest of it, big time!  That's why I'm *pickled-tink* with these food palaces.  Even in the age of clever photoshopping, (don't know if that is even a word) I can vouch for the majority of these being genuine.  How do I know........?  'Cause if I had the option, I'd be looking at similar names for my own kitchens!!



richard said...

don't know what to say,
except, maybe i'll stay away.
internet is a crazy place!

Wally B said...

There is one on the Kings Rd in Chelsea called the HO LEE FOOK, and my favorite off licence in Telluride called Beaver Liquors.

Jon said...

These are absolutely hilarious, but they went by so quickly that I had to watch it twice.
Pee & Poo? My Dung? Hung Far Low?
Hitler's Cross??